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5 Top Things a Guy Notices In a Woman

5 Top Things a Guy Notices In a Woman

It’s been said many years ago and many times over, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” However, if you only have once chance to make that first and lasting impression, wouldn’t you want to know how to be prepared?

Actor Vin Abrenica dropped by ABS-CBN Lifestyle and shared to us what usually catches his fancy in a girl at first meeting.


Eyes. The ultimate window to a person’s soul they say. For Vin, he mentions how he loves his mom’s eyes so much he gets thrilled when he sees someone’s eyes resemble her mother’s. “My mom kasi super ganda ng eyes niya and every time I see her, una ko nakikita ‘yon eyes and I want that in a woman para sakin,” he shares.                                 

Brains. Quite challenging to identify especially when you’re only meeting for the first time but as Vin says, you’d just know. “You’ll see kapag she shakes hand pa lang and how she reacts… Kung paano kita nakita, paano ka tumingin sa akin, and paano mo shinake un hand ko… a little bit I know. Makikita mo naman when they talk, you would know if they have a brain.”

Smile. Possibly the most noticeable in a girl is how she smiles. And why not? A smile can either make or break a day. As Vin puts it, “It determines not only the physical way but also the emotional way, so how you handle your problems. Diba pag nakita mo ‘yon tao, lagi naka-smile or laging malungkot, so mababasa mo siya agad unless kung may pinag-dadaanan siya. Pero if she smiles, ibig sabihin she’s a strong woman.

Curves. Regardless if a girl is skinny or voluptuous, her curves are her own that nobody can take away from her. With men being visual creatures, there’s just something about women’s curves that drive any man crazy.

The Way She Dresses. How a woman carries herself by the way she dresses is indicative of how confident she is in her own skin. And for any guy, confidence is plain sexy, sexier than anything else. 






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