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Hot Stuff: The 5 Go-To Palettes For All Your Beauty Moods

Hot Stuff: The 5 Go-To Palettes For All Your Beauty Moods



Each day brings an opportunity to recreate your makeup look. With the right products and application, you can easily step up your eye makeup game. One day you can be au naturel and tomorrow you can be vampy vixen. There is no limit to all the inspirations you can play around with.

Often we think of changing lipstick colors to transform our look. The truth is, there are more possibilities to try when it comes to your eyeshadow. That’s the advantage of an eyeshadow palette! The combinations are endless. Mix up the colors you put together and you get a different look each time. And who says you need to stick to one palette? Here are our five favorites and just some of the looks you can get:

Just Peachy

BYS Peach 2 Eyeshadow palette combines both metallic and matte eyeshadows in the peach color family. The color range is extensive, from a cream that can be used as a highlight, to peach and peachy pinks, to auburn and rich browns. All twelve shades are on the warm side so it complements most skin tones. Wear bright oranges or reds when you want to make a statement and the lighter peach and oranges for every day. Pair it with a glossy lip that’s close to your natural lip color and let the warm tones shine through.

Berries and Plums

Not one for warm makeup hues? We got you. The BYS Berries 2 Eyeshadow Palette is another versatile palette you can wear for special occasions and for every day. Whether you’re attending a wedding or want something to make you look alive for every day, this palette is perfect. You can create depth with the darker tones, highlights with the lighter eyeshadows, and even be playful with the bold red and fuchsia. Don’t forget your pretty pink lipstick to go with this palette!

Bold Hues

Feeling a bit biker chic or maybe avant garde? BYS Rebel Eyeshadow Palette is the best for that mood! Use it for that big costume party that’s coming up (hello, Halloween!) or even for that night out when you just feel like doing more rockstar than sweet. These red, yellow, army green, and metallic should be the focal point of any look you create. Work in the blacks and dark browns if you want to look more rebel than fashion editorial.

But that’s not all, because this palette can also work for every day. Don’t be fooled by the bright reds and yellow. Midtone neutrals like Brave (mocha) and Sexy (mauve) is great for daily use, mixed in with eye-opening shades like Bold (light gold glitter) and Boss (light silver). Use Modern (sage), Revolution (charcoal gray) and Real (gray glitter) to create depth and if you’re feeling spunky, mix a bit of the bolder shades (Edgy, Rebel and Wild).

Cosmic Dreams

If your mood is ethereal, fairy-like, and a bit more free spirited, pick up the BYS Cosmic Palette. These 12 metallic eyeshadow shades will give you so many looks to last all the days of your music festivals and gigs. Go ahead and wear purple, blue, and green in one go! Don’t forget to add that pop of color on the inner corner of your eyes to really bring out the carefree vibe of this look.

Back to the bright `80s

Got your Stranger Things and Glow vibe on? No better palette to break out from your dresser than BYS Festival Eyeshadow Palette. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s some serious `80s inspo that’s come back! We’re sure your family reunions have been themed as such too. Instead of piling on the colorful plastic accessories, bangles, and tights, go for a more chic interpretation of the well-loved decade with this eyeshadow palette that carries 20 shades! You can bring out the intensity of the colors by wearing eyeshadow primer before applying the powders. Match it with a well groomed brow and lots of lashes. And then of course, let the new wave tunes play!

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