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The Six Fix: Films And Series That Make Us Root For The Underdog

The Six Fix: Films And Series That Make Us Root For The Underdog



Admit it or not, most of us loved reading stories revolving a certain character who got bullied or underestimated by the people around her but in the end proved them wrong as they succeed in their career or life in general. They would motivate us to do better and to not let those judgments win against our passion. These characters always get the adoration of the viewers for the obvious reason—they're the relatable one. 

We label this character as the underdog which means a person or group who made the people around them dumbfounded when they actually win against their strong competitors. For a boost of inspiration, here are the films and series that made us root for the underdog! 

1. Insatiable (2018)

Our current favorite queen bee Patty Bladell of the new Netflix series Insatiable might have an anger management problem, but she's one of the underdog characters that made her bullies realize that making fun of her before was a mistake. She was bullied because of her weight, so when she had a makeover, she started doing her sweet revenge. Although we don't necessarily suggest transforming ourselves just to get back at our bullies, Patty did show that she's someone that people thought would never have a chance on winning, but actually did better than everyone else. 

2. Riverdale (2017)

One of the most-watched Netflix series Riverdale wouldn't be complete without Betty Cooper who started as being the girl next door to becoming the series' Nancy Drew because of her hidden investigative skills. She was an underdog because people around her school, including her best friend Archie Andrews, had always looked at her as someone who's innocent and quiet. But when a crime broke out in their town, Betty was the first one who wanted to help solve the case even if almost everyone around her stopped her.

3. Meteor Garden (2018)

The iconic character Shan Cai of Meteor Garden is the brave girl who was portrayed as someone invisible at first because all she cared about was her family and studies. But when the Flower 4 entered her life, that's when it all changed. From being invisible, she became the school's most popular girl as she continuously succeed even if her bullies tried to ruin her life again and again. It was not because of her relationship with Dao Ming Si, but it's because she didn't let these rich kids look down at her. She may be someone who's absolutely nice to her friends, but she always fights for what is right when needed. 

4. Girlboss (2017)

The series' main character Sophia Marlowe played by Britt Robertson is based on Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso who was an underdog in real life. In the series, Sophia doesn't believe that she needs to work under a company just to be successful which  was what inspired her to build her own business of modernized vintage clothes. At first, the people around her didn't believe the path she chose since they see Sophia as an irresponsible adult including her own father. But the more she was underestimated, the more she wanted to prove everyone that they're wrong. In the end, her clothing store Nasty Gal launched and grew into becoming one of the most visited clothing sites ever. 

5. The DUFF (2015)

The film is about an aspiring writer named Bianca who's best friends with two of the hottest girls in their school. She didn't really care about what people think of her until jock Wesley called her the D.U.F.F. (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) of their friend group which made her feel insecure about her physical appearance. Although the film started with Bianca trying to change herself in order for other people to notice her, she realized that it's pointless since she's comfortable with herself and that's the only thing that actually matters. 

6. Sierra Burgess Is A Loser (2018)

The story centers on Sierra who's a funny and intelligent teenager. Unlike most girls in her school, Sierra doesn't care about looks or popularity. Known because of her father who's a famous writer, most of the people in her school doesn't like her especially popular girl Veronica. But when circumstances happened wherein they both needed each other's help, the two became the best of friends. And Sierra didn't just find her passion, she also met the love of her life in the form of Noah Centineo's character Jamie. 

From being the new girl in town with zero friends to becoming the person they always wanted to be, these underdogs are the perfect representation of not letting anything change the way we see ourselves. As long as you have faith in yourself despite what other people think, you will always get by just fine. 

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