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Daily Diaries: What It's Like To Fall For Someone Who's Already Taken

Daily Diaries: What It's Like To Fall For Someone Who's Already Taken



One of the most painful experiences we would face in this lovesick world is falling for someone who's already in a relationship because deep in your heart you know that you don't have a chance, at least not at the moment. But even if there's a slightest possibility that they like you back, it's still something that you shouldn't pursue. Hurting yourself or the people around you for the sake of having someone you can't have right now is not worth it, but we can't blame you since the heart wants what it wants!

If you're currently in this terrible situation, these are the things you're probably dealing with right now. 

1. You try to fight the attraction you're feeling.

The moment that you realized you had fallen for someone who's already taken, you try your best to fight it. You tell yourself that you don't deserve an unnecessary pain so you make a list of the pros and cons of falling for them because you know you deserve better. But from staying away to distracting yourself with other people, your attraction still remains the same. Instead of being in denial, just be honest with yourself and accept that you're in love with someone you can't have. 

2. You treasure every moment you have with them. 

Technically you're still allowed to hang out, joke around, and have meaningful conversations with them even though you're not dating. That's why every time you get a chance to be with them, you treasure it. The more you do this, the more you fall for them. Still, you try your hardest not to ruin the only relationship you have with them because otherwise, the only thing that you could do is love them from afar. There's nothing wrong with that as long as you know your limitations–meaning, don't act around them as if they're single.

3. Your self-esteem gets shattered. 

Even the little things like watching your favorite movie or going to this newly-opened restaurant that you two talked about, you already know that the moment that their partner decides that they want to go, they would instantly cancel plans with you. But the thought that you would remain second best and they would never choose you over them still stings a lot, that's why your self-esteem gets shattered and you find yourself trying to change yourself so that they'll notice you. In the end, remember that doing this is a waste of time because you can't  actually make someone like you when they're in love with someone else.

4. You feel jealous every time you see them together. 

Whenever they cancel plans or adore their partner in front of you, as much as you don't want to, you get insanely jealous. It's hard especially if you feel a tiny stab in your heart every time you see them together or when they're not together, all they could talk about is their partner. You can't blame them since they don't have any idea that you're secretly in love with them. Jealousy is a confusing and exhausting feeling to have and they might be times that you just want to give in. Instead of lashing out, just talk to a friend or write your feelings down and try your hardest not to let your emotions control you.

5. Even though you want to try, you know it's not worth it.

Whatever feelings you have for them right now, you know it's not worth taking the risk which would potentially ruin the relationship they have with their partner. And even if you know that they're currently having problems, you still have no right to break something you're not a part of, so trying is not worth it at all. 

6. You start blaming yourself for falling for them. 

Maybe they did something sweet to you or you got so comfortable with them already, either way falling for someone unavailable would only be a mistake if you try to act upon it, that's why you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. They might have given you a wrong impression like flirting with you which in return made you like them, so you are not entirely to blame. Remember that there are just things that we have no complete control over and unfortunately our heart is no exception.

At the end of the day, you like them for a reason so just like them until you get tired of liking them. If you want to wait for them, do it, since couples breakup for a lot of reasons. Just make sure that getting your heart stabbed again and again is worth it. 

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