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In Focus: Five Common Pressures Every 30-Something Pinay Faces

In Focus: Five Common Pressures Every 30-Something Pinay Faces

There are a lot of reasons why the numbers 3 and 0 put beside each other become dreaded. Most 30-something Pinays might very well agree, given the pressure from our families and friends and society in general. From how you should look and act "our age" to how far we've come in life, the struggle is indeed real. Worse, it eventually gets to your confidence and self-worth! Read on—and together, let's break down these probs while thinking of ways you can break free!

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1. The pressure to maintain a sexy figure. Once in your 30s, you'd most likely say goodbye to breakouts and baby fat that rounded off any awkward stage in the past. But wait until metabolism and gravity get to you. With your metabolic rate slowing down as you age, you'd most likely find yourself either slaving away in the gym or trying out fad diets in hopes of achieving the fab figure you once had.

Break free: Put in a little effort when it comes to looking good, sure, but try to take it easy every once in a while. Give your body the rest it needs. After all, a hot, healthy bod also means a happy, well-rested, and properly nourished one!

2. The pressure to stay on top of your career. You're already past the learning stage in your career, so much so you’ve already gained stability in your job. But maintaining and managing a solid career? Definitely not a walk in the park. This phase is now all about taking your hard work to the next level and proving that you’re worthy of that corner office. As a result, more hustle, more OT—and for the single ones, no more time for that office QT!

Break free: Be honest and open-minded when thinking about your job. Are you overworked? Are you neglecting your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth? If yes, go take a well-deserved vacation. Firmly set boundaries between your 9-5 and 5-9, too!

3. The pressure to manage your finances. For some, being "financially secure" means having a your own car and condo with some good savings you can easily spend for a random but luxurious vacay. With it, you're also expected to power dress—complete with all these branded shirts, skirts, and shoes!

Break free: No pressure to be some crazy rich Asian! You don’t have to beat yourself up for not being as “ballin’” as your peers, so it's also time to stop with the comparisons. At the very least, try to work on your and your folks' emergency fund!

4. The pressure to settle down. Our society expects women to marry and settle down on or before they hit the big 3-0. Hence, the inevitable “Kelan ka na mag-aasawa?” greeting at any family gathering. You couldn't help but replaying that scene from that Jodi Sta Maria-starred rom-com The Achy Breaky Hearts in your head, hoping you had the guts to deliver that same comeback!

Break free: You’re not alone in this, sister! Studies show that this generation of women are choosing to marry later, compared to other generations. Besides, whoever said we needed men just to feel "fulfilled" in life?

5. The pressure to have children. Women are always reminded about their ticking biological clock. Thus, the tendency of some folks to badger you into having kids, stat: “Hindi mo pa ba kami bibigyan ng apo?” “Mahirap mag-anak pag matanda ka na.

Break free: Real talk—ladies, it’s your body and your choice! You and you alone have the power to decide when you are ready to have a baby. Luckily, in this generation, you now have egg freezing—a medical breakthrough that gives you the power to become a mother in your own time!

It’s true, the 30s are indeed riddled with nagging pains. But it’s also the perfect time to prove old notions wrong and break free from the pressures that keep you from doing what you want to do and becoming who you want to be! No fear, female!

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