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In Focus: Why Noah Centineo and Lana Condor Are #FriendshipGoals

In Focus: Why Noah Centineo and Lana Condor Are #FriendshipGoals



Since the rom-com film To All The Boys I've Loved Before premiered last August 17 on Netflix, a lot of us instantly got hooked and wished we meet our very own Peter Kavinsky someday. From all the cheese to the relatable moments we shared with Lara Jean, some may agree that this could be a classic one day! 

But we don't only feel kilig about the fictional couple but the actors who portrayed them as well. Noah Centineo and Lana Condor had received major love from the fans because of their off-screen sweetness. Although we can confirm that the two aren't dating since Lana is dating actor Anthony De La Torre, we just can't help but adore their friendship. Here, we listed the reasons as to why these two are friendship goals! 

1. Lana has a huge crush on Noah.

Lana has become the most relatable actress ever when she admitted in an interview that she has a huge crush on Noah. She shared that the first time she saw Noah was when they were in the audition process for To All The Boys I've Loved Before. She was reading her lines when she saw Noah and got distracted for a minute but slapped herself back to reality and told herself that she wouldn't let this gorgeous tall man distract her from working. That's why when Noah offered her to read lines together, she casually turned him down! After she booked the role, she met Noah again and her crush just grew from then on. The way she talks about how amazing he is and how he makes her feel giddy is just the purest thing ever! 

2. The movie's lockscreen scene is actually a behind-the-scenes moment.

If you've watched To All The Boys I've Loved Before already, you would know that in the scene where Lara Jean's sister Margot helped her report the viral video of her and Peter, we caught a glimpse of her lockscreen. It was her and Peter cuddling in the couch while sleeping, and of course most of us were curious when did this moment happen in the movie. Did we miss it or was it actually an off-cam moment? It was then revealed in an interview with Director Susan Johnson that her lockscreen is actually a behind-the-scene shot that one of the crew members took when they saw Noah and Lana sleeping and cuddling on the couch! 


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3. They give each other the cutest comments on Instagram.

We want to believe that they got each other's Instagram notifications on since we noticed that they always like and post cute comments on each other's photos as soon as the other posts them. Just like when Lana commented "I love you" on Noah's photo, and he replied with "You have me, all of me" or when Lana casually asked Noah for his number and he replied saying he's flattered and it's over since she already has him. These two just wouldn't stop making us melt with their sweetness! 

4. Noah calls Lana his wife.

Noah might have given Lana the cutest nickname ever as he calls her his "wife" numerous times in an Instagram story which in return made Lana shy and push the camera away from her. Plus, there was also an Instagram story where he called her the "love of his life." We don't know what the real score between them is, but calling your friend like that isn't really normal to most of us, isn't it?


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5. Noah is obsessed with Lana's facial expressions.

In To All The Boys I've Loved Before, you would notice how Lara Jean has these cute and funny facial expressions that she does every time Peter would say something she didn't like. At first, we thought this was part of her character, but it was revealed that it was really Lana's honest expressions. And Noah is obsessed with it to the point that he mentioned it more than once in his interviews already, telling the viewers to keep an eye on her face! We get it, Noah, you find Lana adorable!  


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6. They light up every time they talk about each other in interviews.

It's no surprise that these two have a mutual admiration since they clearly love talking about each other in their interviews. From turning their serious face into a smiley face every time the interviewer asks them about each other to giving us information that we didn't know about their friendship, these two adore each other and it's totally obvious! 

While it's simply platonic, we're quite sure that they genuinely love each other. Noah and Lana's friendship just proves that a guy and a girl can be in love with each other and be just friends. And this is already enough to make our hearts happy.

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