Cheat Sheet: Coleen Garcia Lets Us In On Her Best Instagram Tips

Cheat Sheet: Coleen Garcia Lets Us In On Her Best Instagram Tips



By Rhea Manila Santos

Coleen Garcia admits she was actually a late bloomer in the selfie game. “I liked shooting photos and being in the photos but the whole concept of holding the camera and you being able to see yourself, I only became familiar with it when the selfie camera got invented. Kasi dati nung mga Friendster and Facebook pa lang, hindi ako masyadong nag-te-take ng pictures from that angle and then posting it. During that time it was very different. A lot of people would think that, if you post a picture of yourself that way, you’re vain. Pero now it’s very normal and everybody does it,” she recalls. 

As one of the hottest celebs on Instagram, here are Coleen’s top tips for upping your selfie game and looking camera-ready even when you think no one’s watching. 

Show your inner confidence


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There’s no bad time to take a photo when you are confident of who you are and what you look like. “It’s something so natural, and it’s a nice time to be proud of who you are and to just share your selfies regardless of whatever you look like, whether you're glammed up or you just woke up. I prefer taking pictures na hindi ako super made up and everything. Usually I wear a lot of makeup for shoots or events. But when it’s juts a regular day, I like to keep it natural,” Coleen admits. 

Share stories, not just images. 


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By sharing a personal caption, a photo instantly becomes even more unique when told in your own voice. According to Coleen, “Sometimes when I take pictures, I like to share something along with it. So it’s either my pictures are telling a story whether I'm on vacation or I have updates. So whether it’s already in the photo or it’s in your caption, it’s nice that when people look at your photos they get a glimpse of who you are and what you have to share to others.”

Know (and practice) your angles.


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Like many of us, Coleen actually puts in the extra effort to look even more gorgeous on cam. "A lot of people think that those who are so fit, who dress so well, and are so pretty look like that on a daily basis, 24/7 at every angle. But the truth and the secret really is in the lighting and angles, and you just have to figure out what makes you confident and what’s flattering for you. It’s really all about being aware of all of that also.”

Find inspiration in others.


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Even as a celebrity, Coleen isn’t afraid to admit that she looks up to international models when it comes to posing for photos. “Actually [I look up to] mostly models kasi they really register well on camera photos, videos, and everything. Lalo na 'yung mga Victoria’s Secret models like Taylor Hill and Candice Swanepoel. But it’s worth acknowledging also that every girl has her insecurities, and everyone has times where they don’t feel they’re at their best. I’m sure even these people they go through these days as well."

Have an Instagram buddy.


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It doesn’t hurt to have a partner, whether its a friend, S.O., or husband (in Coleen's case) to help you get those post-worthy shots. Coleen admits that her other half Billy Crawford has always been supportive as her photographer even when they started dating! “Yes, dapat patient talaga  siya! (Laughs) Billy is very supportive whenever I need to have my picture taken. And whenever he needs to have his pictures taken I’m also the one na tumutulong sa kanya. Pictures have been important to me even before the social media age because I love taking pictures for the sake of keeping memories.” 

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