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#ChalkGen18: Kira Balinger On Navigating The Showbiz Scene At 18

#ChalkGen18: Kira Balinger On Navigating The Showbiz Scene At 18



With a face that you could easily imagine starring in a Hollywood teen series, there's no doubt that Kira Balinger embodies the word "captivating." Her beauty is angelic, an already beautiful canvas you would equally want to paint or leave be. One can say that she's born to be in front of the cameras and to be admired as she follows the pursuit of her dreams, and if you ask her, Kira will probably agree.

Recently celebrating her debut, the half-British sweetheart maintains a youthful aura and a matching outlook in life. "I used to imagine that being 18 means living alone and being completely independent," she tells. "But right now, I don't see myself leaving the house yet!" She grew up in the UK, but, perhaps, her Filipino DNA overpowers her Western upbringing as she's more than happy to live under the same roof with her mom with no plans of moving out anytime soon. "Hindi ko pa rin kaya mag-isa," she adds.

Living conditions aside, Kira well knows that she's now transitioning into young adulthood which entails a step up the responsbility ladder. "I have to be more aware of the decisions I will be making now. I need to be really careful," she says when asked about her 18th year resolutions. After all, she's in an industry that can be harsh to any young talent which requires her to be able to stand up for herself.

We've seen her take on her first acting break in the primetime series The Story Of Us back in 2016 which Kira counts as her most memorable project thus far. She worked closely with industry fixtures Kim Chiu who played as her older sister and Zsa Zsa Padilla who played as her mom. "I didn’t really expect to get a role like that, so I feel blessed for it," she gushes. Being casted along such actors, Kira shares what she's picked up from that experience, "Do not let the tension get to you, say [your lines] as naturally as possible, and most of all enjoy."

As she envisions her career path, Kira's only hope is to grow in her craft as much as possible. "I really want to learn new things about acting because it's my number one thing in this industry," the all-around performer says. And with vast possiblities in the world of show business, she trusts that she has lots of opportunities to do so, adding, "I'm excited to meet new people and see what I can learn from them."

As much as she considers showbiz as her playground for her passions, Kira also acknowledges the disadvantages that come with it. "Being in this industry is like being in a fish tank. Everyone can see you, everyone can have their own opinions about you," she tells us.

But for someone who wants to achieve longevity in the entertainment scene, Kira has the mentality that allows her to calmly brush the negativity off. "Hindi maiiwasan 'yung negative stuff. It’s what you signed up for. It’s only a matter of dealing with it and using it to make yourself a better person." Speaking like she's ready to blossom in every aspect of her life, coming of age–as everything else–sure looks good on Kira.

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Photographed by Cenon Norial III and John Maverick Bernardo
Styled by Ryuji Shiomitsu
Creative Direction by Madel Asuncion
Art Direction by Mikka Caronan
Makeup by Justine del Rosario
Hair by John Valle




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