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In Focus: Unimaginably Stressed Out? Embrace The Tito/Tita In You And Try Acupuncture!

In Focus: Unimaginably Stressed Out? Embrace The Tito/Tita In You And Try Acupuncture!

There are just some times when body aches don’t seem to go away even after two-hour massages, and you couldn’t help but wonder what else could possibly be done, without having to pop over-the-counter pain-killers. Luckily, there are other ways, such as a variety of physical therapy and treatments, but for the more adventurous types, acupuncture is something worth considering. 

So, what exactly is acupuncture, and what benefits does it have on our health?

Many of us just know it as ‘that thing where countless needles are jammed into your body.' Quite true, but it is just part of the whole process. What it really does is it corrects imbalances in our bodies, and it also used to prevent and treat physiological and emotional problems. This is because acupuncture normalizes the “Qi” or the flow of energy in the body. But among these, there is more to benefit from by trying out acupuncture.

It reduces chronic pain

As I’ve mentioned, acupuncture is an effective way to alleviate body aches and headaches triggered by stress or your workout. This is because it helps relax tight muscles, while releasing the body’s natural opiates. But of course, these would require a number of sessions within a few weeks to be fully treated.

It relieves PMS

For the women out there who experience symptoms of PMS like hot flashes and cramps, did you know that acupuncture can help relieve these irritating symptoms? And you don’t need to wait until you’re in pain before going to your acupuncturist.

Treats insomnia

Acupuncture can also be a great alternative for those who are prone to insomnia, since it helps calms not just the body, but also the mind, helping you sleep soundly at night. This is because it helps in the production of melatonin, the chemical that induces sleep. So it'd be worth a shot! Rather than asking your doctor to prescribe you with sleeping pills.

It improves mood

Alongside its physical benefits, acupuncture also helps those who have mental issues, making it an effective treatment for those experiencing anxiety and depression. Those who have gone to an acupuncturist said to have felt an improvement after only their first session!

It rejuvenates the skin

Another benefit that you probably did not expect to get from acupuncture is that it’s good for your skin, because it helps in relaxing your facial muscles. Your skin will look rejuvenated as collagen levels are boosted. So, this is a plus for those of you who want to look and stay youthful.

We should also point out that acupuncture is a relatively painless treatment and the needles used for every patient are sterile and non-toxic. Plus, the good thing about it is that it does not have any unwanted side effects, unlike that of other forms of treatment or medication.

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