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Hot Stuff: Male Beauty Vloggers We're Obsessed With

Hot Stuff: Male Beauty Vloggers We're Obsessed With



It’s 2018, and we all know that makeup isn’t strictly for females anymore. Thank goodness wearing makeup for any gender is being normalized now, and it makes it easier for people to express their true selves through it. Besides, a lot of the male figures we look up to and admire wear makeup from our favorite Filipino actors, our K-pop oppas, and, of course, the male beauty vloggers who have all the painting skills we all aspire to possess.

It isn’t news that male content creators have been leveling the playing field for all the beauty vloggers all around the world. Here are the ones you should totally subscribe to!

Kenny Manalad
One of the few Filipino makeup vloggers, Kenny gives one of the most trusted reviews of new beauty products with his unfiltered yet witty commentary, people of the internet seem to love this breath of fresh air. Kenny also creates insightful yet easy to recreate celebrity-inspired makeup tutorials from Nadine Lustre’s drunk blush look to Selena Gomez’ sultry-eye look. This kween is a talented painter and a funny entertainer as well.

Paul Unating
We first discovered Paul on Facebook—seeing photos of his clients’ amazing beauty transformation, then we got intrigued and stalked Paul on his socials. A young and budding makeup artist that can beat a face for his life, Paul’s amazing makeup skills make it hard to doubt his product recommendations and reviews. He's definitely one of the most talented makeup artists we follow online!

Edward Avila
Boy beauty will never be the same without Edward Avila. This Fil-Am K-beauty vlogger’s skin care routine is tedious but to die for. Sharing tips to achieving that glass skin we all want to Korean makeup, his slew of supporters enjoy every second of his lengthy tutorials and routine videos. He often recreates looks from our favorite K-pop music videos, and we are here to stan even harder!

Ivan Lam
Where else can you get the authentic K-beauty tips other than a true blue Korean? Ivan Lam’s channel focuses on skin care and makeup, and it generally promotes self-love and acceptance. He often talks about the importance of skin care and how your skin reflects your life and your lifestyle. This K-beauty vlogger also gives lengthy heart-to-heart talks that will surely inspire you to live life differently.

Bretman Rock
Bretman Rock’s success in the beauty industry isn’t the overnight kind. He worked for it and keeps working for it even if he is on the top already. With left and right brand collaborations and his own makeup line, Bretman's best asset, really, is his relatable familial relationship with his sister Princess Mae, his mom, and his niece Cleo. Whenever they are featured in his videos, we all see the person behind all the makeup and that person is just as beautiful.

James Charles
Being the only male that has ever been the face of Covergirl, James Charles didn’t stop from there, his “Hey, Sister!” catch phrase has been like an earworm we can’t seem to get out our heads. Also, have you seen his face-tuning skills? It is unbelievable!

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star’s honest reviews might have caused him trouble with some brands but one thing is for sure, he is telling the truth because he can. He may be a multi-millionaire with his overly successful line Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but after seeing Shane Dawson’s docu-series about Jeffree Star’s real life, we empathize with him even more. We saw the human behind the brand, the soul behind all the blings, and the survivor behind all the fame.

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