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RnR Recos: Sipping On Cocktails With The Mayon Volcano As Your View? Yes, Please!

RnR Recos: Sipping On Cocktails With The Mayon Volcano As Your View? Yes, Please!

I’ve been fortunate to visit quite a number of places around the country, with some notable destinations for multiple times already. Each for a different reason, but for the most part, it’s because it comes with the nature of my job. One of these places is the province of Albay, being that it is quite popular for having so much to see and to do, such as try the spicy Bicol cuisine, see the Cagsawa Ruins and admire the world-famous Mayon Volcano.

This time, however, I came back to experience staying in a resort I have never been to, but have been hearing a lot about—Misibis Bay. Misibis Bay has always been on my radar, especially because I’ve taken wind on its world-class facilities, and unparalleled luxury, exceeding hospitality standards in the Philippines. And upon my arrival and within the duration of my stay, these all came out to be true. But, what I did not expect, at all, was that there was more to all this that I did not know anything about.

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Private sunset cocktails with an unobstructed view of the Mayon Volcano

This was definitely one for the books. It’s not too often that you’d get a chance to have your own bar, with a lounge set up, outdoors, and with the great Mayon Volcano as your view, no less! I had no idea that this could be a thing, up until the resort staff had so graciously set it up for us. What adds to an afternoon delight ambiance? The cocktails, juices, and mocktails served.

Lunch on a private island with a personal chef and butler

Misibis Bay also offers a private lunch on a neighboring island with your very own chef and personal butler! The admirable part here is the efficient prepping they go through. Prior to you even boarding your boat, they already transport everything beforehand from the resort! From your tables, chairs, and food, to a sound system, a bar, and a grill as well! Everything you might want from an island lunch, they already have covered. A new level of pampering!

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A new seaside luxury wing

The resort has a new beach front wing that just opened—the Pacific View Wing gives quicker access to the beach, as well as a beautiful view from the room. I’ve always seen Misibis Bay to have such a homey aesthetic to it, but this new wing has definitely given it more character. Perhaps to be more hip with the more youthful crowd. It immediately reminded me of the swanky luxury resorts in Malibu, Florida, but without the burden of having to cross an ocean for it!

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