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In Focus: Reasons Why We Ship Meteor Garden's Dylan Wang and Shen Yue

In Focus: Reasons Why We Ship Meteor Garden's Dylan Wang and Shen Yue

Since Meteor Garden 2018 premiered last July 9, fans have been shipping Dylan Wang and Shen Yue also known as the new Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai. Besides their onscreen chemistry, these two are also close in real life to the point that they would even give each other gifts and hangout after shoot. 

From their kilig moments to their kulitan sesh, we could tell that they're physically attracted to each other. In an interview, Dylan mentioned that when he first saw Shen, he thought she was scary which in return made Shen hit him. But after that he said that the more he looks at her, the prettier she gets. If you're still not convinced, we listed down the reasons why we ship them so bad!

1. They're just like their characters in real life. 

Something that made Shen and Dylan's meeting a work of fate is how their personalities are so alike to their characters Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si. Not just with their personalities, but also with their looks which is how the crew knew the first time they saw them that they would do a good job playing the iconic Meteor Garden couple. 


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2. They're both so comfortable with each other. 

From their cute bickering moments to their sweet surprises for each other, it's quite obvious that these two are already so comfortable with each other just from the first week that they've met. In their behind-the-scene videos, these two enjoy playing around the set like Dylan carrying Shen like a sack of potato and her hitting him for teasing her. Dylan even gave Shen a nickname "Strong Strong" while they were filming—we assume that it was because of how strong Shen Yue hits him. If that's not the cutest nickname you've ever heard, we don't know what is. 

3. Dylan gave Shen a meteor necklace for her birthday. 

If you've watched Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, and Boys Over Flowers already, you would know that there's a certain scene where Dao Ming Si gave Shan Cai a necklace as a representaion of their love, the necklace has always been a part of the story from the very start. The design of the necklace might have changed in every version, but the meaning remains the same. That's why when Dylan Wang shared during Shen's birthday that he bought her a necklace as a gift that he specifically designed and ordered, and we saw that it's the one they used for the shooting star scene, we were so kilig!


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4. Their height difference is the cutest.

There's no doubt that Shen's adorable height would make every guy she works with look like a giant beside her. However, we think Dylan's height is the one that complements her the most. Although Dylan is really tall, his height is perfect for forehead kisses and backhugs with Shen. And let's admit it, we're all a sucker for those cute moves!


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5. They genuinely care for each other. 

Since these two are always together, it's no surprise that they would start having feelings for each other, even if, maybe, only in a platonic way. There had been a ton of times where Dylan and Shen showed how much they care for each other like when Shen Yue almost got hit by a table, Dylan, who's holding a wine glass at the time and was a bit far away from the incident, immediately ran and stopped the table before it fell just so Shen doesn't get hit. Plus, Dylan would always put a jacket or blanket around Shen every time they're done with filming since it's always cold in their country. Ugh, we can feel butterflies in our stomach right now!

6. Shen Yue was Dylan's first kiss. 

Most of you may not know this, but Dylan's first kiss is actually Shen Yue! We wouldn't be surprised if she is his first onscreen kiss since this is his first drama after all. But nope, Dylan admitted that Shen is his first kiss on and offcam. And although this was his first, he was the one who taught Shen how to properly kiss even if he wasn't her first! 


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There are a lot of brilliant young actors and actresses in our generation. We have to admit that it's quite hard to find someone who can portray the legendary Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai and have their undeniable chemistry. That's why we can say that Dylan Wang and Shen Yue are perfect for this, and we hope that their chemistry would also bring them together in real life!

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