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In Focus: Life Lessons We Picked Up From The Korean Drama “Go Back Couple”

In Focus: Life Lessons We Picked Up From The Korean Drama “Go Back Couple”


By Mikka Caronan

In case you haven't binge-watched the South Korean drama Go Back Couple, then it's about time you do. After it aired on ABS-CBN, we just got too hooked that we're telling literally all our friends to watch it as well! It’s a story about two college sweethearts turned husband-and-wife who could no longer handle the challenges of a married life and decided to get a divorce.

Although this drama seems a bit mature for us, there are a lot of lessons and pieces of advice that can guide us through our young adult life and minimize our regrets later on.

1. Enjoy your youth.

There are times when we are too cautious with our decisions and stay in the safe zone. Watching this will make you realize that you should enjoy life while you’re young and do whatever you want because you can never turn back time.

2. Marriage is not always a "happy ending."

Love will make you feel all sorts of emotions: excitement, kilig, anger, sadness, etc. Marriage isn’t the happy ending we’ve all been hoping for, but instead, it is a new beginning. We will face a lot of challenges in our relationships but with the right person, you will overcome everything.


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3. Our time with our parents is limited.

This may be the age when we don’t have or can’t make time for our parents because we are too busy with our academic and social lives. But this drama is a wake up call for everyone since our parents won’t be with us for the rest of our lives, so we have to show them how much we love them while we still can.


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4. Being an adult requires strength you never imagined before.

Sure, everything is full of fun at first, but marriage is a serious matter. And it’s always up to the couple to hold on tight and surpass everything. It’s also a glimpse to adulting. In this drama, you will know how hard it is to decide for yourself or to stay happy even if your world is tearing you apart.


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5. You can't replace your true love.

There will always be a reason why you chose that person. And you will always choose them even if you could go back in time. That is true love. And regardless of how much you hate your partner at times or even if you meet someone who seems better, you’d never trade your memories with your true love and you'd happily spend the rest of your life with them no matter what. 


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It’s one of the best K-dramas out there that’s why you shouldn’t miss this! Oh, and get ready for another second-lead syndrome!


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Are you curious to see what happens if you can go back in time with your lover? This drama is an epic pick, so get your tissues and hearts ready!

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