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In Focus: Things You Need To Know Before You Get A Permanent Lip Tint

In Focus: Things You Need To Know Before You Get A Permanent Lip Tint



We all know that barely-there, just-got-bitten lip look that has been all the rage especially when we're going for a fresh, no-fuss vibe. Thanks to our obsession with Korean beauty, lip tints have been a staple in our everyday beauty kits. Personally, my matte lippies have been in the back burner for quite sometime already after I discovered the magic of lip tints. They simply give you that natural, rosy perfection without much effort.

So imagine when I found out that you can actually get this look permanently! (Well, at least for 2-3 years, that is.) Lip tattooing has been around for a while, but the thought of being stuck with one lip color for years seemed a little off-putting. But, for some reason, the term "permanent lip tint" felt friendlier and would render a more subtle, regret-proof effect which is why I eagerly tried it myself. If you're curious about this intriguing beauty procedure, here are a few things you should know about before you decide if it's actually for you.

Where should I get it done?

If you're looking for a trusty studio, I highly recommend Permanent Makeup Studio by Bianca. Owned by the beauty-savvy Bianca Festejo who has undergone training and acquired certifications across the globe, I was rest assured that I'd be in expert hands! Here, the procedure is priced between P12,000-P16,000 depending on your preferred technician.

What's the procedure like?

With Bianca doing the procedure on me herself, she first assessed my lips and told me that my natural color is uneven. And because my lips are a bit dark, she also said that the result may not be as vibrant. (So if you have pale lips, you have greater chances of having better results!) After this quick consultation, I chose my shade and she went on to apply a topical anesthetic to numb my lips. Once ready, Bianca used a micropigmentation pen to color my lips and went for three rounds of filling in. The procedure lasted for more than two hours including reapplication of anesthetic in between rounds.

Is it painful?

It depends on your pain tolerance. As for me, even with the anesthetic, I still felt pain which needed reapplication of the anesthetic, prolonging the duration of the procedure because we had to wait for it to take effect before Bianca could draw on my lips again. It was a legit tiis-ganda moment for me! At some point, the discomfort and duration almost made me question my decision of getting my lips done, but I knew it would be worth it in the end.

How long will the tint last?

Unlike a regular skin tattoo that will last for a lifetime, your permanent lip tint will fade after 2-3 years because it only goes on to your dermal layer. I prefer this because I know that I don't have to fully commit to just one color forever!

How does it feel after the procedure?

Bianca already warned me that it may be swollen and extra red the next day. True enough, I looked like I took on the Kylie Jenner lip challenge the morning after! It wasn't painful or itchy, though. However, Bianca also said that if I've had chicken pox or cold sore before, these conditions may resurface. I've never had either, so I was in the clear.

What's the after-care process?

Tattooed lips will peel off days after the procedure so Bianca gave me an ointment to aid in the healing. She also advised me to avoid salty and spicy food, smoking, or kissing–basically just keep 'em clean! It's okay to eat other types of food right away. I also did not use any lip product (except for the ointment) until it completely healed.

When will my lips heal?

My lips stopped peeling off after a week, but I still had to apply the ointment because they still felt dry. After a month, I was instructed to come back for a retouch session (which you can avail for free.) My lips still peeled off after that session, but the healing process didn't take as long as the first time.

This is how my lips looked like after the retouch session:

Will I go through this session again after a couple of years? Well, only my pain tolerance can tell. (LOL!) But if you think you can handle it, I do recommend getting a permanent lip tint. Even now that my lips have completely healed, I still don't feel the need to apply lipstick on some days because I honestly can go without it!

(PS. And when you're already there, make the most out of your visit and try their Keratin Lash Lift to complete your no makeup look!)

Permanent Makeup Studio by Bianca is located at 19 Bahay Toro, Congressional Ave., Quezon City. For more info, check out their Facebook page:

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