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Daily Diaries: What It's Like To Fall For Someone Who Isn't Your Type

Daily Diaries: What It's Like To Fall For Someone Who Isn't Your Type



They are the people you never told your friends about—they were never your crush. They’re the people you are always comfortable with but never see them beyond that. When your friends tell you that they see something is up, you deny it because they are not your “type” and they’ll believe it.

They are not the person you envision yourself ending up with, they are not the ideal person for you. Because the truth is, after dating (or watching films) time and time again, you’ve learned which type you want—from their hair, height, eyes, maybe, even their smell. You’ve created a perfect person in your mind, or the likes. But there will come a time when all those ideals will be shattered once you fall for someone whom you’ve never expected falling for. Here’s what follows when that happens:

Your friends will be shocked and so will you.
Most people won’t see it coming—they know your type, you know your type. When the thought that you’re actually attracted to this person crosses your mind, you’ll still be like a deer stunned by a headlight. You’ll be in a state of denial until you accept the fact that you are without no doubt, in love with someone you’ve never thought you’ll be attracted to.

Everything you do seems brand new.
They will keep you at the edge of your seat.  At first, your humors wouldn’t hit it off the bat. There will be awkward silences in between jokes. But the more you spend time with them, the more you get them. You’ll watch genres of films you never imagined watching, listen to songs you’d usually skip, or even go to the gym just to keep up with them. You’ll learn to match their pace—you’ll keep up when you have to, you’ll slow down when you need to.

You’ll have new interests because of them.
When you see the passion in the way they talk about their interests, you’ll appreciate and make an effort to at least have knowledge about those unshared interests. The differences will make them a mystery you’ll always want to solve. They will introduce you to a world you’ve never thought of dabbling into. You’ll see yourself in a different light, and you’ll love it and thank them for it.

The mile-away differences wouldn’t matter.
Of course, you will not like all their interests and vice-versa. But those differences are what will always keep you on your toes, they will not bore you, and TBH, they will leave you wanting more. If both of you are understanding enough, it’ll be a perfect give-and-take romance. You’ll learn from one another by engaging in thoughtful conversations and intelligent dialogues meeting halfway but never sacrificing your true selves.

You’d want more dating advice than usual.
Since you are in uncharted territory, you’ll need more help from your friends. You wouldn’t know what to do, what to expect. You'll be more conscious than the usual but that’s fine. Just do not overthink, because that’s part of knowing a whole different person from what you’re used to.

They will shatter your “type”
If the relationship ended up not doing okay, for a time, you’ll miss the mystery of not knowing what to expect in a person, you’ll look for them in everyone you’d date—which is unfair but it is the truth. They will leave you with this huge question mark in mind making you doubt what you’ve been missing in your life trying to look for that person you is your type. They will open your eyes that being focused is great, but sometimes it makes you miss the opportunity to meet all the great people around you. They are the game-changing kind of love. They will let you know that you are capable of loving different kinds of people, and you will be thankful for it.

Falling for someone who isn’t your type is an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll have a lot of takeaways and new interests you never expected to like before. You’ll feel this intense feeling you’ve never felt, a rush you’d want to have every single time, like a rollercoaster with a broken safety belt—you just hold on for dear life and hope not to die.

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