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Daily Diaries: What To Do When Your Parents Disapprove Of Your S.O.

Daily Diaries: What To Do When Your Parents Disapprove Of Your S.O.



The time would come that you would meet someone who you would fall so in love with that you are sure you want to be with them in the long run. So, of course, because they're so wonderful, you just can't wait your parents to meet them because that's how important they are in your life. 

Until you hear the discouraging sentence from your parents the moment you introduce them, "We don't like that person for you." Of course, every parent has a different reason as to why they don't like a certain person for their child. But we all know it goes down to one conclusion, they just want what they think is the best for you. A situation like this is not easy to get out of, that's why we have listed the things that you can do to deal with it and hopefully turn the situation around. 

1. Show them how they make you happy.

If you can, boast about your partner in front of them or share to your parents the qualities you love about your them because through this, they might start seeing how your partner makes you happy. Most parents just want to see their child happy and if your partner does that, it would be a step forward to them accepting your significant other.

2. Be more open to them.

If the reason why they don't like your partner is because you kept your relationship a secret then their disapprovement is understandable. Whether that's the case or not, learn to be more open to your parents, tell them the things they want to know and also share the things that you and your partner had agreed on because it would help them understand your relationship a bit more. 

3. Find out the reasons why they don't like your partner.

Instead of getting mad at your parents for disapproving of your relationship, find out first the things they didn't like about your partner and why they're feeling this way. Is it about the way they talk and dress or about their career? Either way, try to make them understand why you think they're being unreasonable and explain why they should change their viewpoint. But if you think that they do have a point, contemplate and take necessary steps. It's always about being open to all parties' perspectives, compromising, and moving forward together.

4. Prep them before you set a meeting.

Of course, first impressions last. That's why you have to make it a point that your parents see something good about your partner from the first day they've met. Keep the meeting's aura in the getting-to-know zone which would prove to your parents that they don't know your partner well enough yet for them to dislike them. Tell your partner which topics they should avoid and the things they should bring up. Plus, your partner could also bring a little gift like a bouquet of flowers or their favorite food. As cheesy as it sounds, your partner has to try to court your parents for them to get their approval, too!

5. Ask your partner's parents for advice.

Most of the time, a parent-to-parent talk ends well more because they have a way of understanding one another that we, their children, can't fully comprehend unless we became parents ourselves. That's why there's a huge chance that your partner's parents could help you sort this problem out! They can talk to your parents or they can give you an advice on how you can help your parents see your point of view. 

6. Listen to your parents.

Whether it's your partner or your friend, sometimes, the people we love do see something we don't. We know that our parents won't always be right and they shouldn't have a lot of control over our lives. But they do have more experiences than us. So if you have tried everything already but they still don't like your partner, perhaps it's best to heed their advice for now especially if you're still too young to commit to a serious relationship. Still, we firmly believe that if two people are meant to be together, they would always find their way back even if the world is trying to break them apart. Maybe this is not just the right time.

At the end of the day, it would be you who's going to date your partner—not your parents. That's why if you can make the best out of a bad situation, then you may stay in your relationship, by all means. Your parents might hate them now, but there's also a possibility that they can change their minds in the future. Just don't push your parents; it will take time, but let them change their minds on their own.

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