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The Six Fix: K-Pop Songs That Will Get You Through A Rough Breakup

The Six Fix: K-Pop Songs That Will Get You Through A Rough Breakup



Going through a breakup is never easy especially if it never crossed your mind that you would have this painful experience from the person you hoped you would be with forever. Sadly, there are things that we have to experience in order to grow up, and heartbreaks are one of them.

And when words fail to describe what we're feeling, we put our headphones on and shut the world off. Good music may not heal your pain right away but it can make you feel that you are not alone. Here we listed the K-pop songs that helped will caress your broken heart one way or another.  

1. "See You Later" by BLACKPINK

Of course, we already know that BLACKPINK's songs are mostly about women empowerment, and "See You Later" is no exception. This song gives us a Mean Girls vibe with how badass the girls' perspective sound here. It all starts when the girl finds out the guy is a player and dumps him right away. With lines like "I will tell you today I do not want you no more," this song would totally give you the boost that you need! 

2. "Into The New World" by SNSD

As SNSD's debut single, "Into The New World" is the perfect song to end your gloomy days! Since this is a song about moving on from an old chapter in life, whether you're just got out of a bad relationship or you failed a test you studied for, everyone who's going through the hard times can relate to this song! 

3. "Intro: Never Mind" by BTS

A song by BTS' rap line RM, Suga, and J-Hope, "Never Mind" is a powerful anthem for people who remained strong despite the challenges in life. With their outstanding rap skills mixed with dynamic lines like, "If you feel like you’re going to crash, then accelerate more, you idiot," it's safe to assume that this is their way of sharing to us their struggles as a group before they became a worldwide phenomenon. BTS never fails to prove that they deserve to feel like they're on the top of the world, and you should, too!

4. "I" by Taeyeon

If you've already watched this song's MV, you would know why we had to put it on this list. It has become the song we listen to every time we're at the point of losing ourselves. It would remind you that giving up is never an option especially the line, "But strong girl, you know you were born to fly.Let Taeyeon inspire you to move forward after a rough breakup!

5. "I Don't Need A Man" by Miss A

Just from the title itself, you already know that "I Don't Need A Man" had broken barriers when it comes to finding validation in a relationship. This song would inspire you to continue pursuing your goals even if you don't have someone beside you. Boy, bye!

6. "That XX" by G-DRAGON

This might be a sad song, but listening to "That XX" would make you realize that you're not the only one going through a rough patch. G-Dragon wrote this song for the people who are still in love with someone who can't love them back, a typical one-sided love story that most of us have already experience. Truth be told, it hits you right in the feels, doesn't it? 

We hope that more than listening to these songs, you try to help yourself move on and realize that a rough breakup should not define you and your life. Move forward because better days are coming! What's the K-pop song that helped you move on from a rough breakup? Let us know in the comments below!

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