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In Focus: Signs That Fans Spot When Their Idols Are Making A Comeback

In Focus: Signs That Fans Spot When Their Idols Are Making A Comeback



In the K-pop industry, the term "comeback" is used a bit differently than the way most people use it especially in the West where they use the term for an artist who has been long gone and had just released a new song or movie. But when it comes to K-pop, this term is used when a group or soloist releases a new song or album and promotes it for the first time in a music show that would be their "comeback stage."

That's why it's no surprise that most K-pop fans have a keen eye for comeback clues because during this pre-comeback era of their faves, they would feel deprived to the point that they would put meaning in everything that they do. If you can't relate, here are the signs that most of them notice.

1. Spotting them with a new hair color

If you've been a fan of K-pop for quite some time now, you might have already noticed that idols are fond of changing their hair color whenever they have a comeback. Unlike Hollywood or local stars, K-pop idols put huge importance in their hair color because they match it with the theme of their MV like the time when G-Dragon changed his color to rainbow for "Crayon" and EXO's Chanyeol dyed his hair to bubblegum pink for "Ko Ko Bop." 

2. Going to a different country without any updates

You know something's up if you're favorite K-pop idols go to a different country without even posting any updates or pictures since most of the time when they're touring, they would post a ton. That's why when a fan spots them at the airport or in a different country, it would be either for a variety show or an MV shoot—most of the time, it's the latter. 

3. Being on hiatus on their social media accounts

Most K-pop idols nowadays have their own social media accounts that they use to communicate with their fans. This is also their way to update us on their whereabouts or what they're currently doing at the moment, so when these idols started to post less or none at all, you know something's cooking.

4. Working with international choreographers

Funny enough, when idols are trying their best to not make it obvious that their comeback is near, it would be their choreographers who would give us information about their comeback. They wouldn't say it directly, but being the investigative fans that we are, we would know for sure who and what they're working on based on their posts. 

5. Posting clues for us to figure out

Luckily, most idols aren't as secretive as their agency would want them to be. In a group, there would always be at least two or three members who would give us a clue regarding their comeback. From posting song lyrics to accidentally telling us the date, we are grateful for idols who won't let their fans feel deprived!

Whether it's a well-established idol or not, these signs are the reasons why K-pop fans are the best when it comes to being analytical. We actually believe that they're ninjas in their past lives! Kidding aside, just seeing their idols thriving in their career is already enough for them to show their excitement and support. 


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