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Daily Diaries: How I Learned To Embrace The Chest I'm Blessed With

Daily Diaries: How I Learned To Embrace The Chest I'm Blessed With


by Kassandra Flores
Chalk Campus Correspondent

The road to self-love seems to be a long and a rocky journey especially when you are constantly being teased and bullied over something you have no control over. Growing up in a society where women who have bigger breasts are being glorified, I can’t help but stare at myself in the mirror and feel ugly and worthless sometimes.

When I reached the puberty stage, hearing most girls my age talking much about their developing breasts frustrates me as mine seemed to stop growing. At age 12, my height grew rapidly, and I became one of the tallest girls in our class while on the other hand; my bosom took longer to develop.


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Finding the perfect strapless dress for me seemed to be quite impossible to accomplish, and it was just so infuriating when people nonchalantly added salt to the wound by always pointing out how tiny my breasts were every time I attempted to wear slim fit tops.

No matter how many times I tell myself that other people’s commentaries about my body don’t matter, I still end up secretly pondering and crying about it each night.

A few years ago, I specifically remember how one of my classmates told me, “Bakit ka pa nag ba-bra? Sayang sa pera.”   I just laughed it off because I know he didn’t mean to offend me but, aren’t jokes supposed to be funny and not offending?


These frequent flat-chested memes I am constantly seeing on Facebook and the endless offending jokes being thrown at me for having a flat chest got me thinking, “Why does our society find pleasure in shaming others?"

But then again, why should I be ashamed over something that makes me, me? Yes my breasts are small, but they are mine. I’m flat –chested, but it’s my body and not anyone else’s business.

What is so wrong about being flat-chested? Why do busty women also get boob-shamed? Aren’t all body types, beautiful and deserving of appreciation, or at least, respect? We are all unique in our own ways, and beautiful no matter how we look.


It wasn’t an easy process but gradually, I started loving myself more by accepting the chest I am blessed with. My bosom may be tiny but it has its perks, too!

I can purchase cute training brassieres at the tween section of department stores that are significantly cheaper, stroll at the mall without wearing anything but a loose shirt and sleep on my front or in any position I want!

These are just a few of the many reasons how I have learned to love the chest I am blessed with. In the long run, I was able to see the good in what others believed to be bad. And from this day on, I will never ever consider having small breasts as my insecurity, because my size doesn’t make me less womanly, because we, ladies, are more than just our bodies.

If my body type does not match our society’s idea of sexy, let it be.

I am #FlatandProud, because I am me.

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