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#4YearsWithRedVelvet: The Hits That Best Define Red Velvet's K-Pop Presence

#4YearsWithRedVelvet: The Hits That Best Define Red Velvet's K-Pop Presence



By Patricia Mata

It was the year 2014 when the term “red velvet” didn’t just become simply a flavor for desserts because that year was also the birth of one of the most sought-after K-pop girl groups of today, Red Velvet! Composed of members Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri, the quintet has proven that they’re more than just a shadow of their SMTOWN seniors, Girls’ Generation and f(x).

True to the concept behind their group name, they have best exemplified versatility with the various concepts and styles they have shown in their hits, showcasing both hints of the bright and upbeat “Red” and the soft, smooth, and sultry “Velvet."

So what do we think are their perfect “Red” and “Velvet” hits? Here are our picks:

The Perfect Red: "Red Flavor"

Topping the Billboard World Albums chart in 2017 with their mini-album The Red Summer, “Red Flavor” is considered by many as the song that catapulted Red Velvet to super stardom, establishing themselves as one of the K-pop girl groups to watch out for. The song perfectly represents the summer season with its lively and quirky beat, addicting hooks, easy-to-follow lyrics, and cute choreography. If only music can paint a picture, it would be their most colorful yet!

Other recommended “Red” hits: Russian Roulette, Dumb Dumb, Happiness, Ice Cream Cake

The Perfect Velvet: "Bad Boy"

The 2018 hit presents Red Velvet at their fiercest and most daring form, as they went for another route and explored the darker side of themselves. “Bad Boy” exudes danger and mystery in every note with its traces of EDM, R&B, and trap throughout the song. The girls were also able to further exhibit their vocal colors and a sexier choreography, perfectly playing the roles of empowered girls who can break any bad boy’s heart.

Other recommended “Velvet” hits: Automatic, Be Natural, One Of These Nights, Peek-A-Boo

Now at their 4th year in the music industry, 2018 has been made even more special, as Red Velvet just recently revealed their much awaited official logo, official light stick called the “Luvie Bong,” as well as the official logo of their fans, which they lovingly call “ReVeluvs,” all in time for their upcoming 2nd concert entitled REDMARE. Aside from these, the girls are also slated to make their comeback on August 6 with the release of their 6th mini-album “Summer Magic,” to be led by its title-track “Power Up”.

Cheers to four sweet years of Red Velvet!

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