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Hot Stuff: Cool Things To Spot At The AsiaPop Comic Con

Hot Stuff: Cool Things To Spot At The AsiaPop Comic Con


By Chris Clemente

It’s that time of year again when fandoms and geekdoms take over the SMX Convention Center and relinquish control of their wallets and hand over their galleons and gold to the awesome booths selling knick-knacks and collectibles of their respective obsessions.

So to get you prepped and ready to invade the APCC this weekend, here’s a guide to some of the things you can see or search for in the blessed halls of SMX.

1. Comics-inspired Kicks

If you visit the Vans booth, the geeky sneakerhead in you will surely come out as soon as you spot their Marvel x Vans collection. Those Hulk slip ons are just too cool to handle!

2. The Most Raved About Boardgames

All the hottest boardgames are waiting for you at the boardgame lounge. They also have all-time favorite card games like Joking Hazard, Cards Against Humanity, and Exploding Kittens.


3. Fresh Funko Pop! Drops

The Funko that everybody’s been waiting for to drop has launched in the APCC and the line for this is craaaaazy! You can try lining up again this weekend, but should you fail in your mission, these will be available in select stores nationwide starting July 30!

4. Cutesy Pieces

Tokidoki, a lifestyle brand created by Simone Legno, has definitely made a following, and their booth is exploding with colors and cutesy stuff you’ll probably want to check out.

5. DIY Decors

These papercrafts from Loot Cave will look amazing as accents to your bedroom wall! They’re not too complicated to make and they will surely take your mind off any stress-inducing thoughts.




6. Discounted Books and Comics

Satisfy the bookworm in you, and head over to the Fullybooked booth and avail of their exclusive 20% discount!


7. Stylish Merch

If you’re looking to add some clothes and bags to your closet, you might want to look for these character pieces that could really amp up your style.


8. Locally-made Collectibles

If you’re just looking to add to your art collection or library, you can find comics, stickers, pins, postcards, posters and such, over at the artists’ hub near the food area. #SupportLocal!

9. The Netflix Hall

Of course, don’t forget to check out the main booths like Netflix for a little immersion into your favorite shows and movies like Riverdale and Stranger Things!

For good measure, try to visit an ATM machine before you get to the venue as the lines could become crazy, and you will surely want to hoard like crazy! See you at the SMX Convention Center this July 28-29, kids!

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