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#GlowGurl: 6 Ways To Nurture Your Inner Beauty

#GlowGurl: 6 Ways To Nurture Your Inner Beauty


In the age of social media "likes" and "on point" selfies, looking good on the outside can easily dictate how we perceive beauty. Yes, we do care if our makeup game "slays" or our #OOTD is getting "double taps" on Instagram, but we believe that finding beauty from within is something that our generation is already embracing and celebrating, too!

It started from creating that "no makeup" makeup look to practicing self-care with multi-step skincare routines. And now, we're moving towards a deeper appreciation for beauty, one that encourages us to own our uniqueness and natural bodies, as well as put importance in our inner beauty.

And to put things in a clearer and more inspiring perspective, we're here to guide you in nurturing the kind of beautiful that exudes from the inside out. Here are a few freeing steps you can take to make sure you feel glowing from within:

1. Let yourself heal from pain and other forms of negativity.

Whether it's heartbreak, failure, hate, or guilt, these negative emotions can greatly affect us internally. While being in touch with your feelings (good or bad) is a must, it's also important to keep in mind that you should not dwell on them especially if they're weighing you down and keeping you fom moving forward. Search what hurts within you, find the will to forgive (both yourself and others,) and learn to let go. Feel as light as possible, and this will benefit you and your inner workings in more ways than one.

2. Practice kindess.

Once you've extracted the negative things from your life, light will pour out of you. Once you've forgiven someone (or yourself,) love will replace the hate. Once you've gotten a better perspective of the things going in and around you, gentleness will follow. Now, you can start doing things out of kindness even in the simplest ways. It will manifest in your words and actions, and nothing can look glowing than a kind heart that radiates from the inside out!

3. Feed your mind and soul.

Read inspiring stories, book a solo trip, or enroll in a new class. Do the things that will feed you with knowledge, understanding, and inspiration. This can also lead you to self-discovery and new opportunities that can propel you to become a better version of yourself. It would feel like so much life is bursting out of you, and this will give you that fresh new aura as if you're lit from within.

4. Aim at your goals.

Now that you're fueled up, it's time to tick those boxes in your to-do list! Whether it's making time for a passion project or hitting your targets at school or at work, be committed and stay dedicated in smashing your goals. Nothing can feel more internally rewarding when you know you're doing well in your everyday grind and moving forward while doing the things that you love. This will also unleash your potentials and help you take pride in yourself! Go get it, girl!

5. Exert time and effort on self-care.

As you hustle hard and live life to the fullest, don't forget to practice self-care in between. As much as you will find fulfillment in constantly bettering yourself and the world around you, finding some peace and quiet will also feed you with a whole new level of energy. Have a pamper sesh, unplug from social media, or simply take a well-deserved nap. This will refresh you whenever things get a little too toxic, and you'll feel sparkly again in no time!

6. Embrace your own kind of beautiful.

Looking good plus feeling good equate to the ultimate #beautygoals which is why accepting and loving every part of you will bring out your best and truest self. Own your unique features, embrace your natural body, and don't let any standard or opinion bar you from doing so. If you believe that there's room for improvement in terms of your physical appearance, then that's okay, too. Just make sure it comes from a healthy and caring disposition. Celebrate your beauty in its purest form, and you might even inspire others to do the same!

We at believe that nurturing our inner beauty should be at the top of our priority list. And to encourage everyone to join in this cause, we're prepping an event to  do just that! #GlowGurl is a beauty fair happening on Aug. 18-19 at U.P. Town Center. From booths offering the hottest products to workshops from inspiring glow-getters, this gathering is something you shouldn't miss!

We hope you can join us in celebrating our own kind of beautiful! We can't wait to see you there, gorgeous!

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