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In Focus: 5 Ways Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles Could Be Twins

In Focus: 5 Ways Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles Could Be Twins



by Joan Ko

I used to get a lot of eye-rolling whenever I say that I'm a certified Directioner but it never bothered me, to be honest. So long as my love for Harry Styles remain intact and unscathed, I'm good! So when I first heard a few friends saying that a Vine teen sensation reminds them so much of my UK-born, curly-haired bae, I had to see it for myself. Fast forward to present, I think I'm officially part of the Shawn Mendes' Army!

Shawn Mendes may be Canadian but there's something about him that really does make you think he could be Harry's more polite, sweeter version. Whenever I see them update their Instagram feeds or hear their songs play, I swear I instantly find myself on the floor swimming in a pool of my own happy tears. If you're still not convinced with the kind of "pull" their enigmatic personalities give off and how eerily similar they are to each other, keep scrolling below to see for yourself!

Disclaimer: These images could cause excessive drooling, non-stop smiling, and a tingly, fluttering sensation all over your body!

1. They are both super passionate when they are on tour. 

More than their full energy on-stage, Harry and Shawn really go extra on the fan service in every city they tour. For instance, they always bring out flags of the countries they are visiting midway to their performances. This is a small gesture that goes unnoticed across the globe! 


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2. Both used to date supermodel gazelles.

Granted the other affair was short-lived while the other seemed like it was just an afterthought of a night out of partying, but both boys went out with ladies whose faces were constantly on every billboard and every social media site. Harry and Kendall Jenner went on and off too many times we thought he'd have a cameo in one of the episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While Shawn and Hailey Baldwin flirted online and were seen cozying up to each other that we thought it was the real deal! They may have less luck on the romance department, but we still think they are deserving of all of our loving!


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3. They can make you drool and LOL!

I really agree that a good conversation is a way to a woman's heart–that and a good sense of humor. And these two surely know how to deliver punch lines that will hit you hard. No wonder they're both such a hit when they share a scene with late night talk show host and actor James Corden! More than the dimples and the perfectly side-swept locks, Harry and Shawn shun away dull moments to make you smile from ear to ear! *sighs*


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I miss this please come back #latelateshawn ?? #shamescorndes

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4. They can rock just about any piece of clothing.

They're known to wear simple,classy and crisp suits but these cuties also know how to mix n match their outfits and go over-the-top without ever looking bad in anything they wear. I swear, they always look so effortlessly well put-together!


Just incase you guys forgot about this.

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5. They're even more swoon-worthy with almost nothing on. 

Need I say more? They know they look good and I can't complain about how much they actually flaunt it!


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Whether they are actual spirit twins or not, one thing is for certain–Shawn and Harry share more than just good looks. They have won our hearts with their music, energy and charm! Who is hotter though? I'll leave it up to you and let us know what you think.

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