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Hot Stuff: Go Bad With These Bold And Daring Makeup Shades

Hot Stuff: Go Bad With These Bold And Daring Makeup Shades



It can get boring for some of us who are always used to wearing the “barely there” makeup look on a daily basis. Sometimes, we want to turn it up a bit and go for something different. Instead of the usual “my lips but better” and “powder and lip tint” look, try these bold looks for your next shindig. We promise you’ll get heads turning—and if not, you’ll at least get a killer new profile picture!

The BYS Rebel Collection is the brand’s first collection that is designed and developed to be hypoallergenic, paraben free, and vegan-friendly. The best part? The prices are still just as affordable. You can go bad with your look but your makeup is definitely good—BYS is proudly PETA Certified Cruelty Free! Hooray for our furry friends! Read on for the daring and bold looks you can try with BYS Rebel Collection.

1. Bold Liquid Lips
Good bye nude lipstick, hello reds, and yes, gray, and blue! This look can be intimidating to try but you can definitely pull this off with the right makeup combo. You will be surprised at how wearable these shades are! A bold lip requires all the attention, so go easy on your eye makeup. You can wear more natural shades on your eyes and keep the glitter to a minimum if you want all the attention on your lips. BYS Suede Lips Satin Lipstick Rebel Collection carries two reds, a gray, and a blue. For darker shades, make sure you have a bit of color on your cheeks with bronzer or a light pink blush. Try applying the lipstick first before your eyes and cheeks so you don’t go overboard with the rest of your face.

2. Red Eyeshadow
Because, why not? BYS Rebel Eyeshadow Palette features shades for painting the town, well, red! The pigments are easily blendable and the pay off is rich. If you want to get more color and make it last long, apply eyeshadow primer before your eyeshadow. Go crazy—try yellow eyeshadow in ‘Edgy’ with a sparkly gold ‘Bold’. Or do a greenish gray smokey with ‘Modern’. If you want to play up your eyes, wear a nude lipstick. Keep the finish fresh with a bit of gloss. Don’t forget to use eyeliner and to curl your lashes and apply mascara to really bring out your playful eyeshadow look.

3. Go for Glitter
For those special nights, go all out with glitter! You can artistically apply it on the side of your eye for an extended wing effect or just like the Instagram beauty gurus, under your eyes for a mystical creature or fairy effect. (Also, it’s totally the best way to hide your eye bags from all your late nights studying!) The BYS Face & Body Kit features a primer to keep your glitter in place and it is safe to use all over your body, yes including your eye area! After the primer gets tacky, apply the glitter and allow it to dry completely. Go online to research for some beauty inspos do decide on your look. The best thing about BYS Face & Body Kit? It is easily removed with soap and water so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep with your makeup on!

Go on, go bad—at least with your makeup! Because the beauty of makeup is you can always wash it off and try a new look tomorrow. Which of these looks are you going to try this month?

BYS Rebel Collection is available at Watsons and The SM Store. Be updated with the latest beauty trends, follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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