Pop Quiz: So, What Type Of Grab Passenger Are You?

Pop Quiz: So, What Type Of Grab Passenger Are You?

Are you one cool Grab customer or are you one who gives your driver and ka-Grabshare reasons to raise their eyebrows? Take our quick quiz to find out what type of TNVS passenger you are, and how you can enjoy your rides even more!

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1. You skipped lunch for a meeting and now that you are en route back to the office in a Grab vehicle, you want to nibble on the burger you just bought. What do you do?

A. Ask the driver if it is okay to take your meal in his car.
B. Unwrap the burger and start munching away.

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Correct answer: A. Show courtesy and ask your driver nicely if you can eat in the car. The driver is also looking out for the comfort and convenience of the next passenger, and some food items leave behind crumbs or odor. It would probably help if you offer your driver the fries that came with your burger.

2. You were rooting through your bag for your ID and in the process took out a lot of unnecessary junk such as bus tickets, receipts, and candy wrappers. You then:

A. Just leave them on the Grab car floor.
B. Gather all your trash and throw them at the nearest garbage can when you get off from your ride.


Correct answer: B. The Grab driver will appreciate you keeping his car clean. Besides, “Basura mo, itapon mo,” right?

3. Your booking has been accepted! What do you do?

A. Wait for the driver to arrive, then gather your things and head for the elevator.
B. Get ready to leave and wait by the curb for your pickup. 


Correct answer: B. Grab has a prescribed waiting time of 7 minutes for a passenger. If that elevator is too crowded to bring you down and you have to wait for another one, your Grab driver is allowed leave you behind after a 7-minute wait.

4. You are unsure of your location or destination. When pinning your Grab booking, what do you do?

A. Just pin whatever seems to be in the area and have the driver look for you.
B. Ask the guard of the establishment, the person you are visiting, or the point person of your meeting for the best or most accurate way to pin your location or destination. This will save you and your Grab driver a lot of time. 


Correct answer: A. If it would make life easier for both you and your driver, it’s the way to go, right?

5. Your Grab driver is a dead ringer for Ian Veneracion! You want to show your friends and share your experience. You:

A. Quietly click away on your camera phone, galawang paparazzi style.
B. Engage your driver in a friendly conversation and politely ask if you can take a selfie with him.


Correct answer: B. As the old saying goes, “Don’t pap me!” Ask for permission first.

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6. You forgot to withdraw cash and you’re now sitting in a Grab car. What do you do?

A. Order the driver to bring you to an ATM and wait for you there.
B. Explain your situation and ask the driver politely if you can make a withdrawal at an ATM en route to your destination.  


Correct answer: B. Grab drivers are following the best route to your destination, and their time is just as precious as yours. It would be a good idea to try Grab Pay for the extra convenience the Grab service brings, so you can book without worrying if you brought enough cash.

7. There are five of you on your way to your favorite after-office gimik spot, and you all want to ride in the same Grab vehicle. What do you do?

A. Book a regular Grab car or taxi and tell the driver, “We will all squeeze in, it’s just a short distance anyway."
B. Book a 6-seater so everyone will have wiggle room.


Correct answer: B. A Grab driver is constrained to the maximum capacity allowed by the company, and a regular car is supposed to accommodate only 4 people. This has something to do with the ride’s insurance policies, which are there for your own protection.

8. Your boss suddenly decided to give you a lift to your meeting and you have to cancel your Grab booking. You then:

A. Just cancel the booking.
B. Inform your driver right away and cancel in a polite manner. 


Correct answer: B. There may be unforeseen circumstances such as this and Grab understands that. What Grab drivers request is that the passengers be considerate when cancelling trips because they use up fuel and miss other trips to go your way. It takes up time they could have spent picking up someone else who is in need of a ride.

Respect is a two-way route in the TNVS industry, and as Grab strives to offer even better service, it is with the hope that passengers can also be responsible riders. It is important to show courtesy to the drivers whose main mission is to get you safely and comfortably to your destination.

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