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In Focus: 10 #SONA2018 Tweets That Made Us Think About The Real State Of Our Nation

In Focus: 10 #SONA2018 Tweets That Made Us Think About The Real State Of Our Nation



When we were young, we watch the president’s State of The Nation Address (SONA) simply to have something to write about our school reports the next day. But now that we know better, we expect it to be exactly as what it should be—a rundown of the government’s present economic, political, and social condition, and the president’s future plans for the country.

And during events like this, netizens are sure to flood the internet with all of their opinions and reactions. Twitter has always been our form of freedom wall where we can freely express our feelings, random thoughts, and political stand, and today is no different when it comes to seeing witty yet impactful tweets that will make you think and realize what the real state of our nation is truly like.

Here are the tweets that are realer than #SONA2018 itself:

1. War on Drugs or War on Poor?

2. Well, here's to the "human lives" we still mourn for today.

3. Nice to hear...

 4. ...but don't be fooled.

5. This country never learns, does it?

6. Can you hear yourself, Mr. President?

7. Where is the lie? 

8. Kids, remember: the opposite of progress is congress.

9. They who must not be forgotten.

10. Sister, says who? 

More and more people online are expressing their disappointment, rage, and even hopelessness with how our government is being run. To the young people in our generation, stay woke (as cliche as it may sound,) be more critical, and take action when need be. After all, the future is in our hands.

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