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Kitchen Whiz: Adding These Ingredients To Your Food Can Help You Curb Symptoms Of Depression

Kitchen Whiz: Adding These Ingredients To Your Food Can Help You Curb Symptoms Of Depression

One of the main causes of depression is inflammation, which is the body’s reaction to stress. Celebrity chef Sabrina Artadi explains, “When we experience inflammation, our mind and body lose their balance.”

On our bad hectic days, we grab some ice cream and chocolate to lift our spirits, but the former beauty queen stressed there are much healthier options that can do the trick for us. These ingredients can’t be considered as alternatives to treatments for depression such as therapy and medication, but they can somehow give our energy and mental health a boost.

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Rosemary. A rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, this herb can give you the calming effect you need. Sabrina loves welcoming her guests at home with a glass of rosemary rum mojito! 

Turmeric. “This is very good for your body,” she says. Turmeric is known to have curcumin, an active compound that can fight inflammation. You can liven up your rice with it for lunch or dinner!

Cumin.Ang spice, hindi lang init. Ang ibig sabihin talaga ng spice is layers of flavor.” According to Sabrina, cumin may not have a spicy taste, but it can definitely lift your mood as it works as an antioxidant.

Cayenne pepper. Its spicy kick can increase circulation in the body, bringing your brain to give you an endorphin rush that is sure to make you feel better! 

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Cinnamon. Do you love coffee? Sabrina suggests throwing in two dashes of cayenne and five dashes of cinnamon to it. “Take your coffee in the morning so you’ll feel good!” You can also put cinnamon in your banana bread for energy and potassium that can keep your mind, heart, and body in check.

Extra virgin olive oil. It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. “Use it when cooking your favorite food to boost your energy levels and balance your hormones,” says Sabrina, who likes adding it to her salad dressing.

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