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In Focus: 4 Telltale Signs You Have An Extra-Supportive Mom

In Focus: 4 Telltale Signs You Have An Extra-Supportive Mom

Dads, we love you (and you rock!). But allow us to put the spotlight on moms, especially the cheerleader-type ones, right now. Knorr’s heartfelt short film about an extra-supportive mom and her heartbroken son has reached our feeds. And we can’t help but miss our nanays!

Dealing with pain and rejection, especially if it’s caused by someone or something you love, isn’t easy. It will never be. The healing process might take time. But if you have an amazing mom who does these 4 things, who says you can’t handle all your struggles?

She is the first person to see your pain. Yet she won’t call you out on it right away. She’ll give you time and space to sort out your feelings. And when you’re ready, she’ll be there to comfort you and cry with you. Even if you didn’t ask her to. Even if you think you didn’t want her to.

She says the things you need to hear. Be it a much-deserved compliment, words of wisdom, or a truth bomb you’re trying to ignore. She doesn’t coddle you unnecessarily, but she somehow manages to make bitter life lessons easier to swallow.

She allows you to be on your own. Because she knows you can fight your own battles. Moms are just one call away if you need anything—but the best ones are always on the sidelines, watching you proudly, no matter what.

She will always be your number one fan. Not just during your major breakthroughs but also during your biggest downfalls. She sees your flaws as your strengths and your mistakes as your life’s greatest teachers. And she won’t stop convincing you to think the same.

The painful twists and turns of life can make the world seem cold. But a mother’s warm embrace, and her even warmer tinola made special with Knorr, will get you through everything.

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