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5 Known Misconceptions You may have on Bodybuilding

5 Known Misconceptions You may have on Bodybuilding

1. Age is just a number

Case in point is 51-year old 2x Shawn Rhoden Classic (SRC) Bodybuilder Master category champion, Patrick Tan. He started joining bodybuilding competitions at age 49. Now that’s a goal we could all set for ourselves, having a great body even as we get older. Bravo! Mr. Tan! You rock!

 patrick tan


2. Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes

SRC2015 offered different categories for both men and the ladies proving that being fit doesn’t mean that there’s a one-size-fit-all “ideal” body. Small, large, thin, big--any frame will do, so long as the results are there. 



3. Muscles can be sexy

This goes out to the ladies. Don’t be afraid to lift weights. By lifting weights, you can achieve a well-toned body. See Sherlyn Roy in her comfortable wear, showing off her sexy chiseled body.

sherlyn roy


4. Passion + Discipline = Result

These men and women know discipline. From the food they put in their mouth to the workouts that they do, they have it all planned. They understand what it takes to achieve this body and they are willing to do the sacrifices to do so. It takes passion and discipline to see the result.

winners masters


5. Stay Hungry

You think these guys and gals would stop after the competition? They’ll probably take a few days off, eat whatever they want, take a rest, etc. But after that, they will come back and prepare for the next competition. It never really stops. It's a lifestyle.


Do you agree with the possible lessons learned mentioned above? If you've got other lessons/realizations from watching a bodybuilding competition please feel free to voice out your opinion in the comments. You may also share this article with your friends and have your own discussion. See you all in the next fitness events.

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Photo Credits: Meyn Stay & Rabi Domingo


Thank You to Philippine Committee of Bodybuilding and Fitness and Shawn Rhoden Classic 2015

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