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#ChalkLovesElisse: Elisse Joson Talks About Going Through Life In Her Twenties

#ChalkLovesElisse: Elisse Joson Talks About Going Through Life In Her Twenties



When you meet her in the flesh, actress Elisse Joson is everything you’ve thought her to be: glass-skinned, soft-spoken, delicately mannered, and an outright sweetheart. Yes, her gentleness radiates from the inside out, but what we find is a young woman who’s ready to become her own without losing her juvenile spark.


When it comes to living in the spotlight, there’s a notion that teenage stars are rushed to grow up considering that they’re already earning their keep and taking on unimaginable pressure at a tender age. But for Elisse, who started her showbiz career at age 15, this is not the case. In fact, she describes herself as a “late bloomer,” saying that she’s still a kid at heart most of the time. “Para ngang baliktad eh,” says the Bataan-raised beauty when asked about the topic at hand. “Kung makikita niyo ako, I still like to do things in a child-like way.”


But this is not to say that her seven-year stay in show business hasn’t built her up to a tougher version of herself yet. “In this industry, you have to have a strong core,” she claims. And knowing how harsh her chosen field can get when it comes to controversies and other forms of negativity, we don’t doubt that Elisse possesses a solid enough armor to keep her from standing down.


However, Elisse also reveals one other element to keep the balance in her overall mantra in surviving the entertainment track, saying, “You have to be a tough one, but, at the same time, you have to be soft. You can’t let this industry make you hard. You always have to be open for people, friendships, and other things." She elaborates, "Ang trabaho naman dito is to inspire people, and you can’t do that when you’re closed up.”


Currently at 22, Elisse is breezing through her daily life with enough projects (such as the recent Wansapanataym: Ofishially Yours and the upcoming film Today Never Happened Before with Mccoy De Leon) to keep her passion fueled as well as ample breaks to let her breathe in between.


But now that she’s at a point in her life where all her dreams are within arm’s reach, is her twenties everything she imagined it to be? “Kung masasabi ko if this is what I expected it to be, actually hindi,” she says. “For me, my twenties would still be a long process of self-discovery. Ngayon, parang lahat surprise pa rin sa akin araw-araw.”

True enough, we know that there’s still so much ahead of Elisse. With her promising talent, open heart, and resilient guts, there’s no doubt that this ravishing star will continue to dazzle us for years to come. We only need to keep our eyes peeled.


Check out the behind-the-scenes video of #ChalkLovesElisse below!

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