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In Focus: Things You And Your Sister Can Only Understand

In Focus: Things You And Your Sister Can Only Understand


By Bettina Francisco
Chalk Campus Correspondent

The relationship between sisters is always interesting because it ranges from worst enemies to best friends. Having a sister in the family lets you share everything with each other, and you want to experience everything with her. Sisterhoods have this bond that can’t be compared to your brothers, parents, friends, and partners. You don’t even need to find yourself a best friend and a maid of honor because your sister is already the one!

One of the famous sisters we all know and love are Alex and Toni Gonzaga. They are conquering the world of acting, hosting and singing on their own. Now, they have written a book together called Sissums: The 18 Rules Of Sisterhood under ABS-CBN Books. This book is all about their relationship and it focuses on their experiences which are relatable to every sisterhood out there. Here are what we have grasped that all sisters can understand.

1. You and your sister will always be different from each other.
Sisters may have opposite preferences and different pathways towards school and career. There are instances where one of you will be more ahead than the other. You just realize that she will always be different from you and that you will just have be yourself to shine on your own.

2. You willingly take care of each other.
Once you do a good deed to your sister like preparing her food, picking her up in school, and even taking the blame when your parents are mad at her, she will always have gratitude towards you. You and your sister will always have each other’s backs whenever one is in need.


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3. Her problem is your problem too.
Whenever your sister feels down, your sister comforts your right away when she notices. When she is not around, you contact her for her presence. Sisters are always there instantly when you need them and they are willing to overcome one’s problem together.


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4. You share your dreams with each other.
Even back as children, sisters tell each other what they want to become when they grow up. Through the years, they continue to tell each other their hopes and dreams especially at night time before sleeping. Once they feel their sister’s passion towards something, they always encourage you to persevere for it.


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5. Holding grudges with each other are useless.
Sister fights are normal, but holding grudges towards them does not form a healthy sisterhood. Fights and especially the petty ones must be discarded right away because you no matter what you do, you’ll eventually run back to your sister.


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6. Your sister is your best friend for life.
Your relationship with your sister will be your longest one. She has been your best buddy since your childhood and until both of you are gray and old. Even when she gets married, she will always find a reason to go spend time with you and create more memories.


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Having a sister is like an innate successful friendship because you will have no choice but to accept and love each other no matter what. If you think your relationship with your sister is not yet #sistergoals, it is never too late to strengthen your bond. Toni and Alex’s book will help you figure out your status with your sister and help you become closer with each other. Sisterhood develops through time, so don’t fret and always welcome one another.

Sissums: The 18 Rules Of Sisterhood is exclusively available in National Book Store and Powerbooks for only P225.

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