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The Six Fix: Homegrown Tracks To Listen To On A Rainy Day

The Six Fix: Homegrown Tracks To Listen To On A Rainy Day



By Jim Bendoy

Chalk Campus Correspondent 

With the rise of local songs in the industry these days, it is almost inevitable to shed a tear with their heartfelt music which could give you an entire wave of nostalgia during the rainy season. So if you find yourself emotionally attached to the shower of rain, then feel free to listen to these 6 heart-wrenching songs from Ourselves the Elves, The Purplechickens, Munimuni, Clara Benin, Reese Lansangan, and Ben&Ben that will make you long for something or someone in the coziest of ways.

1. “Okay, Okay, I’m Wrong, I’m Sorry” by Ourselves the Elves

We went on a drive around the city
But the good part was when you actually looked at me
You said I should stay, you'll cook some dinner
But the bad part, you didn't want me to stay over

If you have been so forgiving and blinded by the love you have always wanted, “Okay, Okay, I’m Wrong, I’m Sorry” will totally give you the feels. With subdued vocals and melancholic melodies, Ourselves the Elves' unique sound will make you feel like you're in a music video with that one person you can't help but constantly fall for.

2. “Casanova” by The Purplechickens

Ikaw baliw sa akin
Kahit di mo man sabihin
Alam ko lang basta 
Sa isang kumpas ko'y hahalunog
Namimigsik na parang surot hindi ko ‘to pasya

Just like its title, this soundtrack goes not just to men but to everyone who is passionate about the person they’ve been pursuing. This is perfect for a gloomy afternoon or a stormy night that calls for a blanket to wrap you up and with tons of emotions and memories to bare.

3. “Sa Hindi Pag-alala” by Munimuni

Buburahin na sa isip
Ang hugis ng iyong mga mata sa 'yong pagtawa
Kung pano ka ba manamit
Pati kung pano ka ba umidlip
Ito na

From the gut-stabbing lyrics to the overall melancholic sound of Munimuni, this track is made for rubbing some salt to your wounds. Whether you want to get over your feelings or hope that someday the two of you might meet again to rekindle the spark you once shared, you might want to put this one on loop.

4. “Parallel Universe” by Clara Benin

In a parallel universe
Everything in reverse
Maybe you could be mine
In a parallel universe
Where timing is kind to us
Maybe we would be alright

When you're pining for someone you can't be with, then the next best thing you might imagine is being with them in another life or a parallel universe. This is exactly the message of Clara Benin's sentimental track which you can def relate to especially if your feeling hopeless about the love of your life. 

5. “For The Fickle” by Reese Lansangan

All my life has been about
Waiting for people to go
Your love's uncertain
Won't you hold it down in chains
Oh, won't you break me now so I won't feel the pain

The quirky singer-songwriter definitely blessed her fans with this soft song that will make you think about the times when someone was making you feel like they're not committed to you. This song goes out to those who couldn't make up their minds. And now, as you look back, you realize you are actually better off without them. 

6. "Leaves" by Ben & Ben

As leaves will soon grow from the bareness of trees
And all will be alright in time
From waves overgrown come the calmest of seas
And all will be alright in time
Ohh, you never really love someone until you learn to forgive.

This piece from this folk-pop band speaks about forgiveness and healing. Just like that cleansing feeling that the rain brings, this track will wash away all the hurtful things you've experienced and propel you to grow in a refreshing way. There's really nothing that a Ben&Ben song can't fix!

Rainy days can be a hassle for some. But with some good music to accompany your current vibe, surely there will be no dull moments even on the dark days. You'll realize that it's good to feel again and see the bright side of the things.




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