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Cheat Sheet: Aiming For #KilikiliGoals? Avoid These Four No-No's For Flawless Underarms!

Cheat Sheet: Aiming For #KilikiliGoals? Avoid These Four No-No's For Flawless Underarms!

Loving your imperfections is good. But if you can do something about them—say, change them for the better, why not? Like turning your #KilikiliGoals into reality. If you’re serious about making it happen—and if you avoid these skin-damaging habits—you can flaunt your gorgeous kilikili without reservation.

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Don’t wear tight fabrics all the time. Tight garments generate skin friction, which also leads to skin discoloration. Let your skin breathe by incorporating loose clothing with soft and stretchable fabrics in your OOTDs. They’re way comfier anyway, considering the Philippines’ year-round summer vibes.

Don’t always rely on home remedies. Take those natural remedies your friends and online influencers recommend with a grain of salt. Everyone has different skin conditions. Case in point: Using lemon or calamansi juice is bad for your underarms because of the acid it contains. And using the wrong concentration may result to skin irritation. It’s okay to experiment. But stay cautious. Trust skin experts and reliable products to better address your concern.

Don’t use tawas. Tawas was long believed to be a good B.O. remedy, but it's alum crystals may be too rough for your sensitive underarm skin, causing irritation and darkening (imagine getting red rashes and uneven skin tone!) Choose safer, dermatologist-approved alternatives available in the market. Again: better safe than sorry.

Don’t skip your deodorant. Most people think that deodorants have harsh ingredients that darken underarms. So they prefer to avoid them completely, even if it means dealing with uncomfortable sweating and asim—which is a big no-no.

Scoring #KilikiliGoals isn’t just about having flawlessly white underarms. Dry and fresh pits matter, too. And you can get that with the new Rexona Powder Dry + Whitening. Get drier, fresher, and whiter underarms so you can finally achieve your #KilikiliGoals. 

Ready to say goodbye to these bad kilikili habits—and say hello to your #KilikiliGoals? Game on!

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