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Daily Diaries: Why It's Okay That Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Didn't End Up Together

Daily Diaries: Why It's Okay That Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Didn't End Up Together



The moment we opened our eyes this morning, news of Justin Bieber's engagement woke us up much more than the sound of our alarms did. And what further jolted us into consciousness was knowing that our Jelena dreams are officially over because Biebs proposed to his other "on again, off again" lady love Hailey Baldwin.

Just a quick backtrack, Justin and Hailey have known each other since they were teenagers, way before the Jelena ship has sailed. Through the years, the singer and model have been spotted hanging out as friends, but it was between 2015 to 2016 when they were reported to be dating. Fast forward to late 2017, Justin reunited with Selena Gomez while Hailey was linked to Shawn Mendes. In March 2018, Jelena called it quits. Come June, Justin and Hailey started hanging out again, completely kicking Shawn out of the picture. Roughly a month later, here we are–Justin shockingly proposed to Hailey on the night of July 8th during their getaway in the Bahamas.

Okay, we hear you. Justin and Selena seemed like the real pair of soulmates, having publicly gone through numerous breakups and makeups which got us into thinking that it must be true love and even inspired us when it comes to our own romantic struggles. But here's the deal: we think it's time we all move on from this relationship which some may even describe as toxic. It's hard, but we'll hold hands all the way through. And to make it a tad bit easier, here are three things that will finally put your Jelena hearts to rest:

1. Their on-and-off status says it all.

Giving second chances is acceptable. But when it feels like two people have already exhausted all the chances in the world, then it's only fair to let them (and our shipping hearts) lay all the arms down. Going back and forth and riding through a rollercoaster of emotions can only fly for a certain amount of time. Sometimes, it may even feel like you're stuck and already stunting each other's growth by going back to the same mistakes and situations that actually broke you up the first time. In short, something really isn't working and, no matter how much effort you put in, you just can't force it to. What's the point, really?

2. We may just be idealizing this relationship after all.

What hinders people from moving on is when they keep holding onto the good times which can trick their minds into thinking that the relationship is still and will always be worth saving. Wrong. Justin and Selena may have looked extra cute walking red carpets together and writing songs for each other, and their makeups may have seemed so inspirational for us who have felt like giving up on the person we truly love.

But, at the end of the day, we're only idealizing things, waiting for answers that are not there, and refusing to let go of a fairytale romance. Not to mention, we're only looking from an outsider's perspective. Perhaps it's the disapproval of Selena's mom, or they just don't feel as in love as before. Whatever their reasons, maybe the only thing left to do is to go their separate ways for good.

3. We don't need any more damage.

Breaking your heart more times than one can drain you like no other. Imagine going through it publicly just like Selena and Justin, and you'll know that it's a pit they no longer want to be stuck in. We don't need any more damage than the ones we painfully suffered time and time again. Now, both of them are free to grow, love, and be loved in a new and refreshing way. Who knows? Perhaps their future apart is far more promising than the past we've romanticized and tried so hard to hold on to.

In conclusion, we all have to hit the breaks at some point, turn to a different direction, and move on without looking back. Our hopeless romantic hearts may think that there still could be hope for Jelena–they're both young anyway and time can only tell. But if this is really the end of the road for them, then there's really nothing to be too devastated about. Go forth, Jelena. You'll both be alright. (We will be, too!)

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