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Kitchen Whiz: Here Are Some Misconceptions About Healthy Eating–Busted By A Celebrity Chef!

Kitchen Whiz: Here Are Some Misconceptions About Healthy Eating–Busted By A Celebrity Chef!

It’s already the second half of the year, which means it’s the perfect time to look back at your 2018 resolutions! Were you able to keep them? What have you accomplished so far? Are you drinking more water? Are you squeezing in some exercise into your day?

If you found it hard to stick to your fitness goals, you still have a few months to change that! Healthy eating is essential when it comes to achieving your desired weight, but it can be quite difficult and tricky. What really is the deal with it? Below, beauty-queen-turned-celebrity-chef Sabrina Artadi debunks misconceptions about healthy eating, which may even encourage you to become fitter than ever!

Healthy eating is expensive. “It’s very important. It’s actually cheap, especially local vegetables,” the former beauty queen says. These are everyday ingredients that can make you feel full! The way you eat has an impact on your health and performance, and going for fruits and veggies doesn’t always demand a high price!

Beauty-queen-turned-celebrity-chef Sabrina Artadi of Sabrina's Kitchen

Healthy eating is boring. “People think it’s hindi masarap. It’s so not true,” stresses Sabrina. Others quickly get bored with their meals as they can be simple and repetitive, causing them to experience sudden cravings. Yet, she clears it’s just a matter of adding fun to it! “If you watch my show, you’d see how I always make healthy food colorful and delicious!”

Chicken Inasal with Adlai Rice

Healthy eating is unsustainable. Sabrina argues, “Magagawa mo ito every day and puwedeng hindi ka magsawa.” What could be an effective system of staying in shape? It’s eating right from Monday to Saturday, and having a binge day every week. “Binge day, meaning, ikaw na bahala – softdrinks, cakes, pizza, doughnuts, whatever. Having a binge day can help you stay on track with your goals.”

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For those who are looking to take their fitness game seriously this time around, her advice is to keep it simple. “Don’t make it so complicated! The rules are very simple kasi sometimes, we get so excited and we make it so complicated, and then we give up.” 

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