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RnR Recos: Here's How Luke Landrigan And Chuckie Dreyfus Nail Their Fambam Adventures!

RnR Recos: Here's How Luke Landrigan And Chuckie Dreyfus Nail Their Fambam Adventures!

Any adventure, when shared with family, becomes extraordinary as it allows you to discover something new about your dad, mom, kids, siblings or even grandparents – whether a new skill or talent, or something or someone that scares them, or a source of joy or excitement. It also gives you the opportunity to get to know them better outside the comfort of your home.

Young dads Chuckie Dreyfus and Luke Landrigan are perfect examples of putting the family first when it comes to going out on adventures and experiencing new things. No matter how busy they get in their careers and business endeavors, they make sure that they’re able to spend some downtime with their loved ones – whether around the metro or miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Behind the scenes with Chuckie
Off camera, former teen star and now social media icon Chuckie, his wife, and two teenage kids enjoy dining out and capping the evening off with a nice film at the movie theater during his free time. He also makes it a point to take his family out on a trip away from the busy city and spend a few days at the beach or in Baguio or Tagaytay. A simple staycation also does the trick.

Chuckie’s most ideal trips are getaways considerably far from the city, and those that allow him to bring his family along. “One of the things that make a great difference in the whole experience is how you get from one point to the other, especially when a trip takes a considerable amount of time getting to a particular destination. So that means making travel as comfortable, stress-free, and enjoyable as possible,” he shares.

Chuckie’s definition of an extraordinary adventure with the family is one of exploring the unknown. Specifically, he enjoys trips that they have never done before, especially when it pushes them out of their comfort zone. One of his most favorite family trips is when they went to Vigan. Despite the distance, they all enjoyed singing along to songs they love.

#TheDreys are certified travel bugs, and can only look forward to more future adventures. “I’d really love to go hiking up a mountain with my family. Or maybe go skydiving.” he adds. “We also look forward to visiting Japan soon. I always tell my kids that through traveling, you gain so much insight and better understanding of the world around you.”

Riding the wave with Luke
Surfer and entrepreneur Luke Landrigan assumes an outdoor element in his family bonding activities. He enjoys long drives out of town, hiking, surfing, and simply hanging out by the beach. Apart from this, he also enjoys healthy eats within the city with his wife and kids.

Luke enjoys private destinations surrounded by nature, when describing his most ideal trip. “An ideal trip is somewhere where there are less people, like a quiet riverside, or a remote beach. There’s just something about the rawness that attracts me,” he says.

Luke recalls that his most recent family adventure to date was when the whole family travelled with their new-born baby, which went smoothly and safely. He also looks forward to driving to the mountains, park the car, and camp out for a few days. “You camp, set a bonfire, and just watch the stars at night,” Luke shares on what could be the perfect backdrop for yet another exciting family adventure.

Taking family adventures further
Family is definitely top priority for young dads Chuckie and Luke when it comes to planning for and going out on life’s greatest and most memorable adventures. Both see the Ford Everest as the ideal partner in family adventures and roadtrips as the most capable and innovative SUV for the family, with its comfortable interiors and smart driver-assist technologies that make for a safe and relaxing driving experience.

“The absolute comfort of my family inside the Ford Everest has greatly improved our disposition when stuck on the road. There’s more freedom to move and maneuver. Our experience with this vehicle has been so wonderful that we have become all the more excited for road trips and actually look forward to it because of the Ford Everest. Driving it is just pure joy and exhilaration,” shares Chuckie.

Luke adds, “I like how the Ford Everest has options for mud, sand, and road. We love going to spots that are least travelled to, so having those gives me the confidence in the vehicle’s ability to handle any kind of terrain. I also liked how it was spacious and powerful, but still justifiably fuel efficient.”

Visit or a Ford dealer nearest you to know more about the Ford Everest.

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Photographs from Chuckie Dreyfus' Official Instagram, Luke Landrigan's Official Instagram, and Ford Philippines




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