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In Focus: Things You Go Through When You're A Hardcore Shipper Of A Loveteam

In Focus: Things You Go Through When You're A Hardcore Shipper Of A Loveteam



If you don’t live in the cave or some deserted island, it’s impossible for you to not have heard of these loyal yet sometimes aggressive supporters called “shippers.” Don’t worry, they’re as harmless as a bunny. But there's no doubt that these fans go hardcore when it comes to their favorite loveteam! To further explain to you how it works, shippers are the fans who care deeply about the relationship between their favorite characters or celebrities, and, sometimes, even people in their own lives. It may be from a show, movie, or a book, but once you start getting kilig between two people together, you may start calling yourself their shipper.

The term “ship” has also been used to shortly state when you’re rooting for a couple to be the endgame. If you, yourself, know that you’re a hardcore shipper, these are the things that you go through!

1. You notice every little moment whenever they're together.

This usually happens when a loveteam or a ship is just starting to grow to the point of having a fandom. Whenever you see an update of them hanging out and show guestings where they would be beside each other, you would get butterflies inside your stomach! These simple moments may seem normal for others, but as a shipper, you cherish it since you know for sure that there’s no assurance that it would be like this forever.

2. When they post a picture together on their social media accounts, you get too hyped.

If it's just a normal celebrity couple, seeing their photos won’t interest you. There could be headlines of them popping in your feed but you wouldn't mind scrolling past by it since it doesn't involve your ship. But it’s a completely different story when they’re involved—you would become so obsessed that it would take you days or weeks to move on from this one photo. You would make it your screensaver, wallpaper, or in any way that you would be able to see it any time you want!


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3. Whatever event they attend, you're hoping that they're caught together.

As a shipper, as much as you want to see your favorite loveteam together all the time, they would be certain events that they wouldn't be both invited to. That's why when you know that they are, a huge part of you hopes that an update of them together gets released. You would stalk every social media account that you know would be at the event and wait for the whole time for an update, picture, or video to pop up. It really takes time and effort to be a shipper!


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4. They have become your relationship goals.

Whether they confirmed their relationship or not, your OTP has become your relationship goals! Since you adore them so much, you wish you would experience whatever they have between them someday. You think that they're so lucky they have found each other and hope that you find that emotional and physical connection with someone, too.


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5. You pray that they end up together.

It's no secret that shipping also includes praying that your favorite loveteam would end up together at all costs! From your birthday candle to your 11:11 wish, your OTP ending up together is one of the only things that you would want to happen. It may not be now or they might keep their relationship a secret, as long as you're getting hints that they're together, that’s enough for you to stay on board in ship!


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In the end, you would always want your favorite loveteam to be happy. Whether they do end up together or not, you wish the best for both of them since no matter what happens, you would always remember how they made you feel kilig at this moment in time.

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