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In Focus: The Cutest BFF Moments From BLACKPINK's ChaeLisa

In Focus: The Cutest BFF Moments From BLACKPINK's ChaeLisa



In every K-pop group, there's always going to be a duo who always spend more time together in and out of the group. When it comes to K-pop’s leading girl group BLACKPINK, their lead and main dancers Rosé and Lisa are the pair! The two even compared their relationship to how twins act towards each other.

From sharing the same clothes to always hanging out in each other’s bedroom. These two are inseparable! Rosé even bought a bicycle for Lisa so they can go cycling together! But if you still need more proof that Rosé and Lisa (A.K.A #ChaeLisa) are friendship goals, we listed the best BFF moments of our favorite bickering duo! 

1. Every time Lisa pinches Rosé's chubby cheeks...

One of Rosé's asset beside her angelic voice and bubbly personality is her cute chubby cheeks that even Lisa can't resist! Fans even made a compilation of the times that Lisa pinched Rosé's plump cheeks and said that she reminds Rosé of a squirrel every time she munches on something. Rosé did say that she doesn't like how chubby her cheeks are, but Lisa would pinch, point, and kiss it every time she wants to—we could say that it's her favorite thing to do!

2. When they always make bets every time they bond...

If you've been watching BLACKPINK House since episode one, you would know that whether it’s playing archery or going to a trampoline park, these two are never apart! Fans even noticed that Lisa unconsciously acquired Rosé's Aussie accent to the point that when they speak in English, they couldn't tell if it was Lisa or Rose. There was even a time when Rosé let Lisa talk to her mother over the phone pretending to be her for one minute, and she actually thought it was her daughter! 

3. When Rosé admitted that she feels like Lisa is her own sister...

Besides being known as the overly-talented maknae line of BLACKPINK, Rosé and Lisa are also labeled as the "Bickering Duo" because they get into petty fights with each other a lot. Through these misunderstandings, the two shared that they got to know each other more like real siblings. In BLACKPINK House, Rosé said that she thinks she would feel empty if Lisa wasn't there. Awwww! 

4. When they wrote a letter for each other...

In BLACKPINK House, the members were tasked to choose a member and write a letter for them. Rosé chose Lisa and she started her letter with, "We did many things as close friends, I think this vacation gave us special memories." she added, "You’re my friend in the same age, but you’re like an older sister who comforts and protects me. We're like twins who grow up together." Lisa was left touched and speechless, but she shared that she felt the same way for Rosé. Aren't they the cutest?

5. When they would always have a soft spot for each other...

There was a moment in BLACKPINK House that the group went parasailing and boat riding at Al's Laemson Beach. Rosé noticed that Lisa felt seasick so she told her to look elsewhere so she would feel okay. And when it was her turn to go parasailing, Rosé screamed to her heart’s content that she loves Lisa so much while the unaware Lisa was filming her. And in every award show, guesting, and trip, Rosé and Lisa wouldn't let each other feel alone. No doubt that these two would always have a soft spot for each other! 

 We could say that one of the things that made BLACKPINK so lovable is how real their friendships are especially between the youngest members Rosé and Lisa. They tease each other and get into misunderstandings, but at the end of the day, they would always go back to being the best of friends. 

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