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Cheat Sheet: 5 Better Ways to Use Your Time Online

Cheat Sheet: 5 Better Ways to Use Your Time Online


By Daniel Baysa
Chalk Campus Correspondent

The internet is wonderful isn’t it? From games and social media to shopping and fact-finding, you can find almost anything to do online. But with every activity you can possibly think of doable online, there’s a big chance of you choosing to waste your time on posts, comments, games, and the like instead of anything actually productive. So we’re here to give you some ideas on how to be productive! Here are ways you can spend and use your time online instead of just wasting it:

1. Get some extra study time.

The online world has brought several new ways to learn, and we’re not just talking about the hot new gossip on celebrities or what’s happening in your favorite shows. You can sign up for online classes if you have the time. You can search for sites which give you explanations and exercises for topics in school. You can even watch videos on YouTube or other sites to help clarify and explain what you learn in class. If teaching is all about passing ideas, there’s no reason why the internet, where people can share their ideas to the entire world, can’t teach you! 

2. Become aware of what’s happening around the world.

Don’t just follow your favorite stars or keep an eye on the trending memes. Keep yourself updated on the current state of our country and the world by having news sites on your accounts. Stick news sites onto your startup tabs so the first thing you see when you open up your browser is the latest headlines for the day, keeping yourself informed of what’s happening in the world. Don’t just stick to one outlet either. Get sources with different viewpoints and perspectives (IE a US and Philippine-based outlet, conservative vs. liberal outlets), and not just ones you agree with, to make sure you have a full, unbiased picture.

3. Expose yourself to new ideas.

Internet surfing isn’t always productive, but it can open you up to interesting ideas and help you learn about things you’d never thought of. You can find new ideas and inspiration from the most unusual places, whether through YouTube videos or discussing with other people. If you find issues or ideas worth pursuing, don’t just leave them there. Dive deeper into them! Debate, dissect, discuss! 

4. Don’t just consume content, create it!

Do you admire those YouTube channels on your subscription feed, pumping out humorous, enlightening or just plain entertaining videos? Do the blogs and sites you follow always grab your attention with thought provoking pieces of writing, artwork or pictures? Instead of just watching in awe, why not take part in it yourself? It doesn’t have to be too complicated. There are numerous ways to post essays and artworks online. You can use blogs, go to sites like DeviantArt, or even use Twitter and Facebook as your platform. If you’re really that devoted, you can even make your own site for it! Making this a commitment can hone the skills in your hobbies, and having a presence online is a very big help when getting a job. Just make sure to manage your time!

5.  Make connections and contacts

They say that it isn’t what you know, but who you know, that matters. It’s not entirely true, but having a multitude of people you can talk to online has its perks. You need to get an opinion on something? If your friends and family aren’t enough, you can post it online and get a general idea. If you’re stumped on a question, you have countless people who can give you advice or point you in the right direction. Better yet, you can take this to the top. Public figures are a lot easier to talk to these days thanks to the internet, and so long as you’re tactful and not rude, you can ask questions from them. Even better, if you can show your work to them, they’ll be flattered by your dedication if nothing else, and constant shows of improvement might give them good ideas for the future, and whether those ideas might include you. Just take a look at Mystery Skulls Animated, which exists because real life band Mystery Skulls was impressed with a fan animator's work! Having people on your side can be a powerful force for you in the future!

The internet may be a unique part of our lives unlike any other in history, but in the end, it’s just a tool. It can be used to help or hurt people in equal measure. Which one it ends up doing all depends on how we use it.

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