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In Focus: These Witty UP Grad Pics Captivated The Internet This Year

In Focus: These Witty UP Grad Pics Captivated The Internet This Year


By Bettina Francisco
Chalk Campus Correspondent

College graduation will always be a lifetime memory because most of us have spent 17 to 19 years studying from nursery until finishing an undergraduate study. Towards the end of this milestone, students get excited to celebrate their success. Their poses for the graduation picture are all thought through, making sure they will look good for this once in a lifetime shot. Students choose their best curated outfit, and some even schedule a hair and makeup appointment to complete their look.

The University of the Philippines had its graduation during the last week of June of this year and students have posted their graduation photos online to announce their triumph. Amongst the other schools, UP students were always welcome to have their creative shot as fun and personal as possible, and here are the graduation photos that have completely captivated the internet and stole this year’s show.

1. Jäger all the way!

This Biology major is proud to have balanced her studies with the companion of her favorite drink, Jägermeister.

2. Pick your poison.

It’s Red Bull for school nights and Jäger for party time for this successful grad!

3. Milk tea is #life!

Disregarding alcohol, this girl finds her strength to survive college with a large oreo milk tea with pearls from Dakasi.

4. Graduation is the highlight of her life.

To emphasize the highlight of her year, this makeup enthusiast posed with her highlighting compact powder and brush.

5. This is how you do fierce.

This picture screams on fleek because this fine arts major definitely slays the complete with a wind effect worthy of a magazine page!

6. Goodbye toxic waste.

This girl just had to get back at her freeloader groupmates in the most iconic way.

7. There is such a thing as perfect.

No eye bags, healthy looking skin, and incredibly gorgeous? Can you believe that he is also a summa cum laude? Swoon!

8. Wouldn’t have done it without you.

This photo captured everyone with its warmth and sweetness because he included his main source of motivation in the picture.

If your graduation will be coming along, don’t be afraid to go all out and let yourself be captured in the best way possible. Just like them, you can incorporate something that highlighted your college life because it will make you stand out and be remembered. Just do you and have fun!

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