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#Chalk Asks: 9 Scene-Stealing Guys Tell Us What Sparks Their Passion

#Chalk Asks: 9 Scene-Stealing Guys Tell Us What Sparks Their Passion



By Bettina Francisco
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Each one of us has a burning passion with things such as culinary, sports, arts, and things alike. Our desire towards our interests makes it feel light and enjoyable. It is not just a pastime, but it is something that requires fuel for it to drive an extra mile. Passion can also be frustrating at times because it can lead into an unexpected winding direction which makes us feel as if we want to give up. Although, with a good amount of practice, it will find its way back into our system once we have established our motivation. In a blink of an eye, we will be surprised that our passion is once again alive and dancing through the halls.

Here are men whose passion are moving them to the peak of their young life. We have actor Alex Diaz, football athlete Patrik Franksson, models Philip Sykes, Gianluca Gardini, Santino Rosales, and Nico Fowler, SM Youth ambassador Julian Rodriguez, entrepreneur Kuya Sawa, and creative Andre Drilon. Here we, uncover what sparks the passion of these inspiring young men.

Alex Diaz
Actor, 23

"There are still stories out there that are not yet told. People tell me that I am specific, unique, and that I would fit into interesting roles. I guess I’m just excited of the idea that there will be a story out there that I could play perfectly one day. I guess that sparks my passion to keep me going."

Patrik Franksson
Football player, 23

"It is being around people who are driven and passionate as I am towards what their interests are. I tend to seek or be around people who think the same way as me. It doesn’t have to be football that they’re passionate about, but it is seeing how happy they get when they’re doing that they love."

Philip Sykes
Model and musician, 21

"I find my passion in knowing that I can achieve anything I want. This mentality drives me to push and believe in myself in everything that I choose to do."

Gianluca Gardini
Football player and model, 17

"When it comes to pursuing my passions, I try my best to let the motivation come from myself. My parents also inspire me because without them I don’t know who I would be here in this world."

Santino Rosales
Football player and model, 17

"My inspiration in modelling is my mother because she inspired me to be more confident in front of the camera. Another thing that continues to spark me is my drive to keep on improving everyday in everything that I do."

Nico Fowler
Model and actor, 22

"I think what feeds my passion is that I love what I do everyday whether it’s modeling or acting or whatever. It’s waking up, loving what I do, and inspiring others. If I can inspire some of the Filipino youth or anybody, that's a privilege more than simply being someone in the a public eye. I want to make sure that I represent myself well and be a person that people can look up to to be better versions of themselves."

Julian Rodriguez
Model, 17

"While I was part of SM Youth, I realized how much the show influences young people. I've been receiving messages and comments of support from everyone. I guess that’s what inspires me and pushes me to do better."

Kuya Sawa
Model and entrepreneur, 24

"Whenever I get to people especially those in need, just hearing them say "thank you" to me already sparks my passion."

Andre Drilon
Musician, 25

"I find passion in people who are receptive to anything, people who don’t find anything boring, who just want to find out everything about the world. I know quite a few people like that, and they’re really cool. It’s like something that they have never heard of before whether it’s gaming, painting, or whatever. They don’t do it, but they see someone do it, they’re gonna ask about it. So yeah, people who find everything interesting. I think they are what sparks my passion."

These men have varying reasons on how they get motivated with their passion. Some chose themselves, things around them, family, and other people who can push them to go beyond their limits. Most of them are just starting out with their careers, but their passion has already given them the idea of what they want in life. Likewise, we just have to reflect on what will move us the best in order to get to where we want to be!

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Photographed by Rxandy Capinpin
Assisted by Antonio Vazquez
Styling by Edrick Paz and Paris De Las Alas
Grooming by Hannah Pechon, Jacky Pante, and Kristel Yap




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