Fashion Future: Soon, You Can Use These Gorgeous Necklaces as Phones

Fashion Future: Soon, You Can Use These Gorgeous Necklaces as Phones

Would you believe it will soon be possible to wear jewelry, like a necklace, and use it as a phone? A stylish, elegant looking necklace is currently being developed that will bring together wearable technology and fashion.

It looks just like those gorgeous, pricey necklaces you see in jewelry stores:

But it’s actually a wearable phone extension device, wherein call and message information are projected onto the hand. You can answer the call without having to pull out your phone by detaching the Bluetooth earphone from the piece, or ignore it by waving your hand. Projected messages onto your hand can be read first by placing it around 5cms from the pendant and gradually positioning to a viewable distance.

What’s compelling about this fashionable gadget is not only how it would look stunning on you but also how it can eventually assure your safety wherever you are. An alert can be triggered in abnormal situations, such as getting lost or being personally threatened. In this situation, it gives your GPS location information to your friends, with sounds from the incident recorded for uploading to a registered server. If in motion, the trace is tracked.

This beautiful piece of jewelry and innovative wearable gadget, which will soon roll out from California-based Miragii LLC, is definitely something to watch out for and use, especially for women who want the best in life, innovative enough to take the lead.




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