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#ChalkAsks: 8 Male Hotties Reveal Their Insecurities And How They Overcome Them

#ChalkAsks: 8 Male Hotties Reveal Their Insecurities And How They Overcome Them


By Bettina Francisco
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Insecurities often bring us down. It is a result from a possible trauma, unpleasant experience or observations, occurred failures, and negative beliefs of people or yourself. It can be certain features on our body that we don’t like, or how our own characteristics can be disappointing at times even those who seem successful at their chosen careers.

Believe it or not, known stars have their insecurities as well. We have actor Albie Casiño, football player Chris Lawless, basketball athlete Diego Dario, models Daniel Alcantara and Franz Garcia, Mr. Guam Sam Hashimoto, Myx VJ finalist Ethan Salvador, and musician Paulo Tiongson to talk about what makes them insecure. It will prove that insecurities happen to everyone, and everyone will just have to overcome it at some point.

Albie Casiño
Actor, 25

"My biggest insecurity is not just being good enough in anything. If I want to try something new, I sometimes stop myself because I say things like, 'Oh, you won’t be good at that.’ Then I would give up right away. So I guess, I just have to push myself because nothing good comes from staying in your comfort zone."

Chris Lawless
Football player, 18

"I’m just really a shy type. I haven’t really overcome it yet, but I’m trying to."

Diego Dario
Basketball player, 21

"On the court, my biggest insecurity is my height, but then, that was before. As I grew up, I learned that if you work hard and you give a hundred percent effort all the time, then height really doesn’t matter. If you have a big heart inside the court, you’ll always be ahead and gain advantage against other taller people."

Dominick Alcantara
Model and photographer, 21

"I think my biggest insecurity is my body. I’ve always had body image issues around five or six years ago during high school. Conquering it does not only take hard work in the gym or in my diet. Feeling confident in your own skin is a mental state, and I feel like just recently as a model really learned how to overcome that insecurity and how to take advantage of it."

Franz Garcia
Model, 20

"My biggest insecurity is that I’m an introverted person. I’m trying to overcome it, and I think modelling helps a lot. One day, I’ll be able to bond the way that other people bond with each other and be able to express myself more."

Sam Hashimoto
Model and singer, 24

"I actually have a lot of insecurities, but I guess one of my biggest ones would definitely be if people really appreciate me for who I am. I overcome it by believing in what I’m doing and getting my passion to reach the right people."

Ethan Salvador
Model and MYX VJ Search finalist, 22

"It's probably the status that I’m at now compared to my friends who I’ve started with and seeing where they’re getting to with their careers. I’ve just learned that you really can’t compare your path to anybody else’s. Everyone has their own path and you can’t look at what other people are doing. I conquer that insecurity by accepting it and learning to let go."

Paulo Tiongson
Musician, 23

"I used to be really worried about what people would think of me as a person and of my worth, so I just stopped caring. I think the best way to conquer it is to just realize that a certain amount of people are going to agree with you, be neutral, and or outright hate. And that’s okay because that is just how it will always be. If you’re going to let that hold your work or your artistry back in any way, you’ll never get to create those things that you will love and that people will love."

You should not think that you’re the only one who has insecurities in a room because everyone else can be as scared as you. Beating insecurities is a never-ending challenge because once we have defeated it, we will always find a flaw within ourselves to correct. Sometimes, our self-doubt will have to stay with us for quite a while because it will take time and strength for us to fully conquer it. But at the end of the day, we have the choice and the power to drive ourselves to be the best that we can be.

Photographed by Rxandy Capinpin
Assisted by Antonio Vazquez
Styling by Edrick Paz and Paris De Las Alas
Grooming by Hannah Pechon, Jacky Pante, and Kristel Yap




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