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Now Showing: The All-Star Cast 'Ocean’s 8' Did Not Scrimp On The Glam, Goofs, And Girl Power!

Now Showing: The All-Star Cast 'Ocean’s 8' Did Not Scrimp On The Glam, Goofs, And Girl Power!

The Ocean’s franchise just seems to not wanna rest. Elevens years after the last instalment Ocean’s Thirteen, they’re at it again with Ocean’s 8. And this time with a somewhat twist—it’s an all-female crew that’s pulling off a heist at one of the most publicized and most exclusive events of this generation, The Met Gala.

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Let’s start with the amazing Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock headlining this film as Debbie Ocean, Danny’s (Clooney) sister. I couldn’t really recall if she was ever seen or mentioned in the previous trilogy but I’m buying in on this premise. Bullock’s portrayal is as suave as Clooney’s, making it believable that conning is hereditary. She’s back to giving us what she does best which are her usual antics and comedic nuances. So, no matter how strong her support cast is, she still holds her own. +5

Now with whom do I start, knowing that this all-female lead ensemble is made up of a dynamite roster of actresses? Well, duh, Cate Blanchett, of course! When was she ever less than stellar in any of her films? Despite just being one of the supports, she still managed to give dimension to her character as Debbie’s con-woman partner, proving that there really are no small roles, but only small actors. +4

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Rihanna as the hacker Nine Ball; Awkwafina as the quick-handed thief Constance; Sarah Paulson (whom I swear I thought was Emily Blunt the whole time!) played the contraband supplier Tammy; Mindy Kaling as the jeweller Amita; and, the most important, Helena Bonham-Carter as the designer Rose Weil. They all were able to create distinct characters from what they usually play and as you can see, with that mix of backgrounds, how did they all figure into the scheme? That’s where the ingenuity of the plot comes in, and in true Ocean’s fashion, the twist is so freaking awesome. +5

That only brings us to a total of seven women. Where does Anne Hathaway’s character Daphne Kluger figure in to the narrative? Skip this part 'cause it just might spoil it for you but all I can say for now, is that she creates another quirky persona for the film which actually borders on cringingly annoying. My only misgiving about her performance is when her character makes a turn, it suddenly feels a bit gimmicky, though I’m really just nitpicking at this point. -1

Though Steven Soderbergh does not direct this latest Ocean’s feature, he is still attached to the project as executive producer. This time with Gary Ross at the helm, the tone and feel of the earlier series is maintained which is an astoundingly rare feat coz I loved the previous trilogy. +3

The film is truly impressive if it’s your first Ocean’s film to catch. No wonder it’s still raking it in at the Philippine box office on its third week. It will surely entice you to check out the previous iterations but if you’ve been exposed and a fan of the heist film genre, it could seem like just a dime a dozen and not really one of the more spectacular ones. -2

We gotta talk about the fashion. One thing I can applaud about in this film is how it makes you feel like you’re really part of the Met Gala. They certainly did not scrimp on the glamour. Wait for the surprise transformation of our con-women at the end of the second act, too. +4

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With a total of 18 karats of fun, sans the blood and violence, and amidst the glitz of couture, Ocean’s Eight is a thrillingly entertaining piece of cinema. No wonder that on it’s third week in our theaters now, it still is filling up at the box office. 'Cause, really, who wouldn’t wanna see such an outstanding and gorgeous cast pull off a jewellery heist at such an extravagant event? I can actually consider this as an event movie 'cause of its cast, and the film did not need the usual CGI to make it spectacular. Even with Antman showing next week expect this to still be at the cinemas so catch it if you still haven’t!

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Photos by Barry Wetcher courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.




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