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In Focus: The Only 3 Products You Need to Look Flawless All Day

In Focus: The Only 3 Products You Need to Look Flawless All Day



If you are too busy to retouch your makeup in the middle of the day, worry not because you are not alone. Most of us only have those few minutes in the morning to get ready and after that it’s go, go, go and our makeup better stay, stay, stay! The trick to getting your makeup to last all day long is to layer your makeup. And that is different from wearing thick makeup. Here’s what you need to do so your makeup works as hard as you do:

1. Start with a good concealer.
After applying your skincare and primer, apply concealer to areas and spots that need correcting like under eye bags, scars, and blemishes. Apply thin layers of concealer a little at a time instead of one thick goop. BYS All Day Natural Wear concealer comes in 4 different shades and has a wand applicator so you can go into the corners of your face or the small imperfections with ease. Always choose a color that’s close to your foundation shade, going only slightly lighter so it looks seamless with the rest of your skin.

2. Even out your skin tone with foundation.
You can blend your concealer into the rest of your face makeup with a foundation that’s the same shade as your skin. You can check by swatching it on your cheek and examining it under daylight. For a natural finish, try spraying facial mist on your makeup sponge before blending our your foundation. BYS All Day Wear Foundation melts into your skin seamlessly and offers buildable coverage. Like concealer, apply thin layers instead of slapping on your face all the foundation that comes out of one pump. These thin layers will allow your makeup to look more natural and it stays on longer!

3. Set it with a wash of powder
For our weather, it can be difficult to get away with makeup sans setting powder. If you want to avoid the cakey look, use a fluffy brush to apply a light wash of powder just so your concealer and foundation don’t fade away quickly. BYS All Day Wear Pressed Powder has Argan Oil, which boosts your skin’s hydration, and Vitamin E to keep your skin smooth. It also has hyaluronic acid which helps restore skin’s elasticity. Try patting powder with your small face sponge on areas with concealer, like your under eye or the sides of your nose. Then use a brush for the rest of your face, tapping of powder excess before sweeping it around your forehead, nose, and chin. If your skin isn’t too oily, especially on the cheeks, you may opt to skip applying powder on your cheeks to give it a natural glow as the day wears on.

For an extra ounce of protection, use a bit of setting spray before you step out the door.

All you’ll need once lunch break rolls around is blotting paper, your pressed powder, and that favorite new lipstick you’re wearing!


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