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Maja is 25-Year-Old Newbie Concert Producer's Big Bet [UPDATE]

Maja is 25-Year-Old Newbie Concert Producer's Big Bet [UPDATE]

Maja Salvador has emerged as a versatile, total performer from her acting stints in movies and TV to recorded music and now, the concert scene.

Indeed, she has lived the dream--from a crying teener seeking her dad in a special report on The Buzz to currently one of the most bankable stars in showbiz.

And, as Maja goes from one level to the next in her career, it's definitely most scintillating to witness how she has taken another awesome step as a major concert attraction with someone who is also embarking on her own scintillating first-time journey in the concert scene--the 25-year-old recently registered nurse Jerica Aguilar, producer of "Majasty," the Total Performer's upcoming major concert at the Mall of Asia Arena on November 13.

“Anong kaya mong gawin sa ngalan ng pag-ibig?”

Jerica Aguilar: A registered nurse who has the passion for organizing concerts like Maja Salvador's Majasty.

This is what Jerica asked herself. Even if she had been educated in a totally unrelated discipline, Jerica loved events planning. She has long been tagged along by her friend, events manager Johanan Soyangco, for gigs abroad either as a production assistant or production manager. Fulfilled by her experience, she came up with a goal, that is, to mount her first major production on her own.

Best choice

At first, she was not sure who among the current crop of artists could help her fulfill her dream. This led to a conversation with Johanan on their next steps. “One day, nagtanong yung partner ko [Johanan] kung ano yun next project namin,” Jerica recounted. That conversation eventually led them to communicate with Johanan's acquaintance, Jerry Telan, Maja’s road manager.

“Nagtanong lang kami kung sino yung ‘in’ na artista, sino yung mabenta, sino yung sa tingin niya may potential dalhin abroad na hindi kailangang puhunan nang malaki…at namention niya [Jerry] si Maja,” Jerica said. “From there, nag-inquire na kami, napag-usapan namin ano yun magandang tema…so from there nabuo na yun [Majasty], na magkakaroon ng show si Maja here and abroad.”

Jerica 's first photo op with Maja.

Maja, naturally would fit the bill, given her recent string of hit TV dramas and movies, and her impeccable performances on ASAP20 and other live shows that have been talked about and shared on social media.

Pulled out all stops

Motivated with that idea of having Maja in a major concert she has put together, Jerica pulled out all the stops just to make it happen. From choosing the Mall of Asia Arena as the venue to borrowing money from her parents, Jerica was willing to give it all just to fulfill that dream.

Even if it involved several millions of pesos, and endless hours of preparations, she was sure of one thing: Maja will be worth all of it. For one, Jerica was sure of Maja's intensity, talent and skillfulness as a performer and her unquestionable star power that will bring in the crowds, a veritable sell-out potential. And, for Maja, a once-in-a-career opportunity to perform in a marquee concert that will truly become a personal milestone, a step further from her first solo concert "Legal Performer" last year at a more intimate setting, the Music Museum.

Jerica and Maja during the presscon for Majasty. A dream fulfilled for both of them!


“Sa sarili ko, may gusto akong patunayan…na meron akong baon paglabas ko na eto pa rin ako.”

Not only will Jerica mount Maja's first immense gig at a sprawling, 20,000-seater arena, she is also plotting a series of "Majasty" shows in the US. To realize this, she needed enough funds, running to the millions, to bankroll it, and this was happily provided largely by her parents.

“Nakakatuwa na at this point na very supportive sila,” Jerica emphasized, even if she tries hard as much as possible to not ask help from her parents. “Gusto ko panindigan ang pagiging independent ko.”

As planning continued, Jerica and her team made several changes to the original concept, title and location of the shows. They decided to kick off the tour in Manila instead of merely holding all the shows in the US. They also revised the title of the concert from "Limitless" to "Majasty," a move that puts the spotlight on Maja as a total performer.

Even during pictorials, Maja was giving her all.

Pleasure to work with

Working with Maja has been a total pleasure for Jerica. “Very hands-on siya (Maja)…siya mismo yun bumubuo sa team,” she remarked. “Napakaswerte ko na ang mga katrabaho ko ginagawa for the love of Maja.”

Even if this is Jerica’s first time to produce a show this big, she was given all the trust to make it a reality--something she is very thankful for. “Iba yun dating na ikaw mismo, bilang isang maliit na producer, ay pinagkatiwalaan ka ng isang malaking project…it is a privilege,” Jerica emphasized.

Personal passion

Prior to being an events producer, Jerica is a nursing graduate and is proud of it.

After graduating with a nursing degree in 2012, Jerica thought it was wise to try other fields of work, and it was a no-brainer that she would choose events management being a personal passion. Aside from being involved in producing and managing events abroad, she also worked in local productions, particularly entertainment gigs that headlined Angeline Quinto, Vhong Navarro and Ogie Alcasid. “So far, yun mga nakatrabaho ko naman, nakakatuwa na hindi sila showbiz [having a diva attitude],” Jerica noted.

And, with this upcoming first grand concert she will produce, what are the chances of it being the hottest sell-out of the yearend? Pretty big, she says, given that major elements--from the title of the show to the personalities involved (even the location of the concert)--involves a certain letter. The letter J, which she says is her lucky letter.

Something about the letter J

From the names of the co-producers Johanan Soyangco, Jasmin Macaraeg and Jerica, together with Jerry Telan, Maja's road manager, to the show's director, the respected and renowned Mr. M or Johnny Manahan, and of course Maja herself, the letter is quite flourishing.

During one of the many meetings with Maja and Mr. M.

What more with having the Mall of Asia Arena along J.W Diokno Boulevard and picking Maja's style peg to be Jennifer Lopez, it was definitely an imperative to have the title of the concert "Majasty" because...well, you get the point.

“Sabi ko nga ‘nakakatuwa naman…lahat tayo may J’,” Jerica remarked.

“Isipin mo nun, from producer, to artist, to road manager, to our partners, to our director… naging Majasty na siya,” Jerica concluded.

And, she even picked a good month to give out initial payments for those involved in the concert: January, and that on June she finally became a registered nurse.  For her, this is a sign of good things to come.

Well, of course, it's not only lucky signs that will make such dreams come true. It takes passion, determination, and all-out dedication to really make it all real and fulfilled.





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