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In Focus: The Bright Side Of Blackouts During The Rainy Season

In Focus: The Bright Side Of Blackouts During The Rainy Season



By Daniel Baysa
Chalk Campus Correspondent

With heavy rains and storms coming in this season, the thought of a blackout haunts our minds. Between lightning shorting out fuses, wind knocking posts, and wires out of the way and everything else the rain brings, the chance of losing electricity becomes higher than ever.

The thought might fill you with dread, but with the rainy season already bringing down our moods, it’s better to look at the bright side of things. If you do get hit with a blackout and feel resigned to boredom, keep these thoughts in mind and you might just feel better:

1. You’re offline and have a chance for peace of mind.

Being in the online age we have now, constant connection has become a virtue. That means we can get swamped with notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, our emails… Keeping up to date with everything can take up as much time as doing anything. With all that gone, you now have a chance for some peace and quiet.

For those who want to get “smart” and use your mobile data, ask yourself if wasting more money and battery in a time when you want to keep yourself prepared for an emergency is a smart idea. Making sure your friends are alright is all well and good, but if you just want to start playing mobile games, you need to evaluate your priorities.

2. You’re less distracted in general.
Let’s face it: There are a lot of distractions that use electricity, and now they can't be used. No TV shows. No games. No surfing the web. With all of these gone, you might actually be more productive. Anyone who gets easily tempted by these time-wasters has a chance to do a lot more with less distractions.

3. You can have fun without using electricity
You’re done with all that work, but you aren’t tuckered out and boredom can set in. You’ll turn to anything to whittle the time away, but really, there is  plenty you can do. Don’t just rely on your mobile phones or portable game consoles. You can read the books piling up on your shelf, or dare yourself to study in advance. You can exercise, and with a little creativity you can do it anywhere from your bedroom to your living room. You can write, draw, sing, really, anything you can think of. You don’t need electricity to make the time fly.

4. You can spend time connecting with your family
For all of the positives of constant connection, it’s ironically driven some people apart. Sadly, our families are among them. The internet has allowed the outside world into the house, and we can become more connected there rather than the people we’re actually with. This is a chance to change that. You can talk about your day, reminisce about old ones, or think about going out for a meal together if the weather isn’t bad. Heck, you can dust off your old board games or take out the new ones you’ve been saving for parties so you can have a wild game night with your family. You’ll have so much fun that the lack of lights will be the last thing to cross your mind.

5. You have an excuse to sleep
Fun fact: sleep is caused by a chemical called melatonin. What stops melatonin from secreting properly? Lights. And what has less light than a blackout during rainy weather? If you don’t want to play after you’ve done all your work (Because you’re all responsible students that you HAVE done your work already, right?), why not just hit the hay? It’s dark enough for you to fall asleep if you’re tired enough, and you’ll be less likely to stay up with no way to see and no reason to really stay up. Who knows, you might just have all the sleep you need!

Between our phones, laptops, computers our other gadgets and the wi-fi internet that they use, we’ve become reliant on electricity to keep ourselves occupied. It is important, but electricity doesn’t have to define our lives. We didn’t need to use much of it when we were kids after all. Remembering that important fact and being able to learn to adapt to it just might be the biggest bright sides of all.

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