Lifestyle Tech Trends: Smart TV Without, Well, the TV

Lifestyle Tech Trends: Smart TV Without, Well, the TV

Think of it as another incarnation of your trusty mobile device. But this time, it’s all UHD definition smart TV in a portable box.

It’s everything you want in a smart TV—the intelligence, connectivity, and crystal clear definition that we normally see on a flat, rectangular screen. Now, this visual experience has gone beyond the living room. It is now possible to put the smart TV’s “brains” – ICs, boards, etc.— in one mobile contraption you can connect to any TV, monitor or projector. Thus leaving the Smart TV without, well, the TV.

Xiaomi introduced this new gadget, Mi TV Bar, this week and it looks like this:

Scratching your head? Well, I don’t blame you. Who would even conceive a decade ago of having your complex computing processes done on a cell phone? But this model of TV viewing is really something even zanier for present-day couch potatoes.

So Xiaomi, thankfully, offers the Mi TV Bar with the traditional 60-inch HD screen at the onset (manufactured, however, in partnership with LG) for those who can’t shake off that ideal home entertainment concept. But, hey, at least you have the option to take the smarts off your home TV and bring it wherever you go, usable from any display device, showing the programs that you like to watch at the highest definition possible—especially with a wireless entertainment package like the SkyCable Mobi.

There are some limitations, though, like the audio quality, which may not have the same quality as those on smart TVs bearing the most advanced audio innovations, such as multi-dimension DTS Surround sound. But we’re sure it will play catch-up soon.

Will such contraptions reach market acceptability soon? Maybe not in the short term. But the eventuality is certain, as our mobile-focused lifestyles dictate.




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