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The Six Fix: Songs to Lift Your Mood This Rainy Season If You Have An Old Soul

The Six Fix: Songs to Lift Your Mood This Rainy Season If You Have An Old Soul



By Daniel Baysa
Chalk Campus Correspondent 

The rainy season has a habit of bringing people down, something us Filipinos know quite well. Whether it’s the heavier traffic caused by the flooding roads, the brownouts caused by the storms, the way our schedules get ruined because of the downpours, or the general gloom of the season, rain generally didn’t bring out a happy mood. Musicians felt this way too, with a lot of their songs being just as somber as any rainy day, allowing us to make playlists that seem fitting for the season.

That wasn’t all of them though. Some people have made upbeat songs in the rain, creating inspiring tunes that turn our lips up. Even if raindrops keep falling on your head, these songs will keep you smiling:

1. “Rain” by The Beatles

One of the less well-known songs from a particularly well-known band, “Rain” by the Beatles is a song that’s actually pretty funny if you think about it! It points out that what we do in both rain and shine are the same: either way, we take our umbrellas put and run for the shade. With global warming heating up the planet and the Philippines being horribly hot either way, this is absolutely true for us. Add in the upbeat tunes, and you have a song to straighten you out whenever you pine for summer.

2.  "I Love a Rainy Night" by Eddie Rabbitt

Rain and storms can actually be beautiful. Just watching the rain fall outside your house while thunder and lightning ring and echo throughout the sky can be an impressive, mesmerizing sight. We’ve even had times as kids when we threw on our raincoats and boots and laughed as we splashed through the puddles and the rainfall. "I Love a Rainy Night" is Eddie Rabbitt’s dedication to those simple childish pleasures of admiring and playing in the rain.

3. "Laughter in the Rain" by Neil Senaka

Rain is pretty well-known for being dreary, but other people see it as a chance for some loving. Whether it’s cuddling together, sharing an umbrella or just being together while the rain pours, rain can bring people together.  "Laughter in the Rain" reminds us of those times when, even we were dripping wet, we managed to have beautiful times together with our SO precisely because of the rain. For reminders of rainy romance, look no further than this song.

4. "Come Rain or Shine" by Billie Holiday
We’ve all heard of fair-weather friends: those people who are there during good times but always leave you in the lurch when the going gets rough. This song is a declaration that you won’t be one. Friends, family, or the one you love, it doesn’t matter: you’ll stick together through good times and bad, and make it through together.

5. "Summer Rain" by Carl Thomas

The most modern song on this list, Summer Rain has somewhat similar themes to Come Rain or Shine. It tells us that, sometimes, things go wrong and we get hurt. But even through all of that,
when we’re with the people we love, we feel the pain wash away, and just the thought of being with them makes everything better. When you’re feeling down in the dumps from the downpours, remember this song, and persevere with the people who make your days worth living no matter the season.

6. "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash

Sometimes, the rain does bring problems for us, and we can’t help that. But with time, effort and a little help from your friends, you’ll get through them. And when you finally solve your problems, it feels like a load’s been lifted off your back and you feel the warm light of victory. "I Can See Clearly Now" is there to remind you that the rain ends, and when it does, the sun shining afterwards will be so much brighter.

The rain can be dreary, dull, and dark, but that’s only if you let it. Look at the bright and beautiful side of things, and you can even enjoy the heaviest downpour. If you ever need some reminders, these songs and many more will keep you singin’ in the rain.

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