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#LiveYoung: What Does Coming Out Mean To You?

#LiveYoung: What Does Coming Out Mean To You?



In a society where being straight is the default, there is a constant need for everyone who isn’t of the “normal” sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression to explain themselves every single day to almost everyone. For most, coming out isn't a one-time announcement, but rather, it is an every day process.

On the surface, coming out generally means fully accepting, embracing, and owning who we are, and then openly sharing this to the world. But what does it truly mean for the members of the LGBTQIA+ community?

In our latest installment of our #LiveYoung video series, we asked our friends this question which gave us a glimpse of how they discovered themselves and continuously celebrate who they are in their everyday lives. 


We are in the same community, but we all have different stories. Now, we ask you, what does coming out mean to you?

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